Saturday, 3 April 2010

Labour poster attack on Tories backfires
Labour's latest attack on the Conservative Party in a poster depicting David Cameron as Gene Hunt, the star of Ashes to Ashes, has backfired after Conservative supporters adopted the image with a positive slogan

The world of Tony Blair Inc
A staff of 130, turnover in the tens of millions: Tony Blair has created enormous wealth, but nobody knows quite how.

Increase in Arctic ice confounds doomsayers - but does not spell the end of global warming, scientists warn
The amount of sea ice covering the Arctic dramatically increased last month, reaching levels not seen at this time of year for nearly a decade.

Returning ice - after years of declining cover - has astonished climate scientists who blamed unusually cold weather over the Bering Sea.

Researchers said they recorded the most ice in March since 2001 - and that the cover is approaching long-term average levels for the first time in ten years

(I've got 2 words to say to that- have a guess-ukws)

Labour's spoof poster of Cameron as 80s TV cop Gene Hunt backfires as he says he's 'flattered'
David Cameron today laughed off a new campaign poster unveiled by Labour portraying him as eighties TV detective Gene Hunt.

The new image is aimed at reviving memories of 1980s social unrest and youth unemployment.

It shows the Tory leader perched on an Audi Quattro, like Hunt in the hit BBC1 series Ashes to Ashes and appeals: 'Don't let him take Britain back to the 1980s.'
But Mr Cameron was unconcerned. Out and about in his constituency of Witney, Oxfordshire, he declared that he was actually 'flattered' by the comparison to Hunt.

Revenues from global vaccine market register UD$27 Billion
Vaccine has emerged as one of the most profitable business segments in the healthcare industry. The segment registered revenues of around US$ 27 Billion in 2009. The growth has been driven by the emergence of some new chronic diseases and increasing demand for seasonal flu vaccines. Besides, the future growth of the vaccine market is anticipated to be driven by launch of several new vaccines, increasing trend of routine immunization and increasing support from the governments of various countries.

Scientists stumped as bee population declines further
The decline in the US bee population, first observed in 2006, is continuing, a phenomenon that still baffles researchers and beekeepers.
Data from the US Department of Agriculture show a 29 percent drop in beehives in 2009, following a 36 percent decline in 2008 and a 32 percent fall in 2007.

This affects not only honey production but around 15 billion dollars worth of crops that depend on bees for pollination.


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