Friday, 9 April 2010

The Engineering of a Financial Crisis
Nothing is more common on earth than to deceive and be deceived. Johann G. Seume, 1763-1810, German Theologist

Greece sinks deeper as loan costs hit record highs
ATHENS (AFP) – Greece sank deeper into the financial mire as its borrowing costs soared to new heights on Thursday despite the government and European Central Bank insisting it did not need immediate help.

British democracy: no better than Uzbekistan's
Postal ballot-rigging, partisan officials, censorship of candidates … no independent observer could call our elections free and fair

How official stats mislead on migration
It is wildly irresponsible for the press and politicians to twist the figures to say all the new jobs have gone to foreign workers

Martin Armstrong teases "How America Will Collapse in the Blink of an Eye"

'Wall Street' sequel is an omen of U.S. collapse
Commentary: Is Oliver Stone's new film a market-timing signal for the Crash of 2010?

Oh Oh - Greece Going Supercritical

British Interest Payments Will Spiral Out of Control And Hit 27% Of GDP, Higher Than Greece, Says BIS
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland has joined the growing chorus of criticism over Britain's current financial direction

The Coming European Debt Wars
EU Countries sinking into Depression

Britain becomes nation of borrowers spending wildly on 'experiences'
Research by the Office for National Statistics on social trends suggests that saving is history and consumers have shifted from buying material goods to recreation and culture

EU spends £260,000 on hunters then bans products
The European Union introduced a ban on seal products after spending more than £260,000 on promoting the seal hunting industry, including a cookbook with a recipe for "Seal Wellington".

Death Of The Internet: Unprecedented Censorship Bill Passes in UK
“Wash-up” process used to rush through draconian legislation as a pitiful handful of MPs attend debate

Climate talks resume following Copenhagen setback
Climate change negotiators began gathering in Bonn, Germany, Thursday trying to breathe new life into the search for a global warming treaty after the letdown of the Copenhagen summit four months ago.

Internet provider defies digital bill
TalkTalk's refusal to cooperate with 'draconian' anti-piracy measures reflect growing resistance to the digital economy bill

How Many Americans Does It Take To Slaughter A 3rd World Child?
Disturbing eye-rebounding videos and on-the-scene, cringing to watch or read, graphic reports of civilians dying at the hands of U.S. military in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan – resurfacing again on network and radio newscasts, in some newspapers and of course, as always, on the Internet.

“If this is the punishment for building homes, building schools, and feeding needy families then I’m proud to be behind bars. They can control my body but they can’t control my soul.”
Ghassan Elashi, Holy Land Foundation
Now serving a 65 year prison sentence.


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