Monday, 3 May 2010

Importing Third World Culture: “Serious” Vote Fraud Reported in Muslim Stronghold in East London

In yet another example of how Third World culture is being imported into Britain via mass immigration, police have announced that they are investigating a string of “serious electoral fraud” incidents in Muslim-dominated areas of East London.

According to reports, Scotland Yard is currently “assessing” 28 separate allegations while a newspaper investigation claims to have uncovered several cases in Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets was earlier identified as an Islamist stronghold with radical organisations having seized control of local Tweedledee Tweedledum party organisations. more...


Big Mango 3 May 2010 at 08:09  

Tower Hamlets is interesting because the predominance of Bangladeshis there (all 250,000 of them - at the time) were the result of the last illegal immigrant amnesty. Which, we were assured at the time, was not going to open the floodgates to further illegals hoping for the same deal.

That worked well then.

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