Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Opinion: The Dark Curse which fouls our country

A Dark Curse descended over a gentle land.

This Darkness hates any individual striving for the Light.

This life-sucking parasite tries to prevent decency and personal responsibility with every means at its disposal.

In countless ways the Curse seeks to restrict the autonomy, self-expression, personal responsibility and spiritual growth of the individual.

It confuses the weak-minded with systematic lies and deceit. It silences with bullying and intent to hurt. It pretends to virtue with noble words to confuse the gullible, but Its acts result in decay.

The Curse creates division, discord and hate by setting one group against another.

It weakens others by denigrating self-reliance and self-responsibility to create dependence on itself - and so enhances Its power.

Like the vampire it is, it seeks power, power and more power - by depriving others of their’s.

It exists by creating decay and dissolution. It thrives whilst causing degeneration in others.

Through its control of TV it fills the minds of the hapless with every conceivable image of contamination, conflict, pain, degradation and degeneracy to weaken and cause spiritual carelessness in the supine viewer by causing negative and destructive thought forms.

The battleground is the media and for decades those opposed to the Darkness have had to watch the Darkness control the media and peddle decay, powerless to stop it.

Watch carefully those rich, privileged media and TV people from the Left who speak in support of it or twist TV News to protect it. Mark them well and remember who they are - for their activities, which pay them so well, are actively assisting the Darkness to retain control and continue its work. They are the guilty ones who have enabled the devastation to take place. When they have before their eyes the actual evidence of the destruction of the workings of their creed, they still prostitute and degrade themselves by still demanding more; why is this? What is it in the characters of Polly Toynbee, Jackie Ashley, Nick Cohen, Jonathan Freedland, Seamus Milne, Steve Richards, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Johann Hari etc etc that attracts them to the Darkness and the promotion of human unhappiness?

Throughout the ages, the Curse has used the presence of extreme selfishness, personal weakness, callous self-indulgence and greed in the character of the ruling elite, to reappear and enjoy once again the unhappiness, self-destruction and despair of others.

It is among us and over us now.

During Its thirteen years of rampant, exuberant freedom it has rotted and caused decay in the very fabric of every aspect of Society. It wants to continue.

Will this Curse be beaten on Thursday? I do not know.

If beaten, however, it will only seek to return.

The Darkness will scream and claw and scratch and spit its hate to prevent the coffin lid being screwed down.

Only the twisted and malignant, the ignorant, and the weak-minded who have allowed themselves to be duped, will support and aid this life-sucking Darkness.

Those who value truth, decency, honesty, love, kindness and light have no option but to link arms and oppose it.

It cannot live in the light. It needs darkness to work, live and breed.

However, every candle helps to dispel the dark.

If it survives on Thursday, I vow to fight it with every weapon of the Light at my disposal.


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