Sunday, 30 May 2010

Possible Collapse Dead Ahead

I want to draw your attention to this article:

Credit Crisis Indicators Going Bonkers Again! Batten Down the Hatches!

Apart from everything else that is going on in the World; The Oil Crisis, The Korean Crisis, The Euro Crisis, The Greek Crisis, The Spanish downgrade etc these indicators represent the greatest threat to the world economy.

It was these same indicators that heralded the Lehman induced Credit Crisis of 2008. The World overcame the freezing of the credit markets at that time through a massive infusions of Government money.

If the Credit markets freeze again there's no more Government money to solve the problem-that's it game over.
If the credit markets freeze now it will be PERMANENT.

What can you expect, should this happen? Firstly the stock markets will shut down, then the banks will declare a holiday and you will be limited to the amount you can withdraw. The world economy and financial system will collapse in a matter of days. We will enter a new and totally alien world. It's not definate but these indicators point towards it. If they keep going up Collapse is unavoidable.

If you sense real danger get your money out of the bank and stock up on fuel and food. Watch the markets closely this week, check in at Business Insider several times a day(they're the best for up to the minute news). A full blown collapse is now a very real possibilty.

Sorry to spoil your Bank Holiday!



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