Saturday, 8 May 2010

Smoke and mirrors politics and the UK endgame

A Predicition

It's all smoke and mirrors, pre-planned in the corridors of real power, well worked out and ultimately deadly in it's final plan for the destruction of the UK.

The Lib/Con pact will fail. The Lib Dems will form a coalition with Labour and the others involved in the 'Alliance of the losers'- Socialist, one and all. Proportional Representation will be forced through quickly, resulting in a permanent Lib/Lab coalition.

Within a week Milliband will be PM and all hope will be lost.

It will be blamed on the voters, of course- it's the will of the voters, but some of us will know the truth- precious few alas.

Hope I'm wrong but I doubt it, it's too much of a perfect opportunity for the Global Elite to silence and subjucate us once and for all, to destroy us in the debt maelstrom soon to come. Can they afford to miss such a golden opportunity? Unlikely... me thinks.



brigrut 8 May 2010 at 19:22  

the main upshot of this illusion
that we select our leaders is the elites now risible carbon agenda has been force marched back into the limelight
a bit of ouzo is needed

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