Monday, 29 March 2010

China Rushes To Bomb Its Clouds As Rice Prices Spike 10% In A Month
Severe drought in Southwestern China is driving up food prices and heightening concerns about the availability of drinking water

WORLD TO WALL STREET: We're Going To Tax The CRAP Out Of You
The U.S. and European governments are moving toward a consensus on taxing large banks to cover the cost of any future bailouts rather than asking taxpayers to foot the bill, as happened regularly in past banking crises.

THE Tories today launch an advertising campaign designed by the firm credited with sweeping Margaret Thatcher to power in the Seventies.

The party’s posters, above, depict Gordon Brown’s smiling face alongside sarcastic slogans such as “I took billions from pensions – vote for me” and “I let 80,000 criminals out early – vote for me”.


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