Monday, 29 March 2010

Immigration is a real problem
Denis MacShane flings accusations of racism, but the fact is, there are growing population pressures from the third world.

Ambulance service gets £38 for every patient they don't take to hospital
The Ambulance service is being paid bonuses for not taking patients to hospital in a bid to help the NHS hit controversial targets.

TV license man hiding something?

TV license man doesn't want to stay for long when he realises his actions are being filmed... he would rather return to his superiors with a lie in hand..... behold corruption at its base level..... fear and intimidation wrapped in a web of lies and deceit- this is tv licensing!

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From Liamrebel

UK mortgage approvals fall to nine-month low
British mortgage approvals fell to their lowest level in nine months in February, Bank of England figures showed on Monday, in another sign that the recovery in the housing market is stalling
(Say hello to 'double-dip')

You Don't Mess With The LBMA - Assassination Attempt On Silver Market Manipulation Whistleblower?
The latest development in Silvergate, in which whistleblower Andrew Maguire has exposed the manipulation details in the London commodity market, is straight out of a John Le Carre or Ian Flemming novel: an assassination attempt.


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