Saturday, 27 March 2010

Immigrants and asylum seekers face driving licence ban
Asylum seekers and some immigrants have been banned from applying for a driving licence under changes announced by the Government.

EU backtracks on 'economic government plan'
The European Union has backtracked on plans to create an "economic government of the European Union" following protests from Britain.

Did the Pope shield paedophile priest? 'Cover-up' over curate's abuse of 200 deaf children

The £4.75billion raid on private pensions: But public sector schemes will be unscathed
Private sector workers will take a £4.75billion hit to their pensions to pay for the economic recovery - while public sector workers will escape cuts.

In further evidence of a pensions apartheid, public sector workers have avoided a raid on their gold-plated schemes.

They will simply have a limit placed on contributions to stop them building up huge pots so quickly - saving the public purse around £1billion a year.

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