Saturday, 27 March 2010

Worse Than Peak Oil? We're Quickly Running Out of a Chemical Essential to Growing Food
P" is for phosphorus, the stuff of life, and "p" is for "peak phosphorus" by 2030, ecologists say, unless - presto! - pee can be turned into gold through modern-day alchemy.

BRITAIN  is facing a fresh flood of immigrants unless ministers act now
Influential think tank MigrationWatch reckons we’ll be swamped by millions more foreigners in the coming years.

PM outlines new immigration measures
The Prime Minister has set out how the Government is transforming the way it deals with immigration through its new points-based system and the steps it is taking to identify skills shortages and bottlenecks.

GORDON Brown was last night accused of fiddling immigration figures after claiming the number of newcomers to Britain was falling.

Critics said the Prime Minister was using “cuckoo” statistics to suggest that net immigration – the number of people arriving minus those who leave – fell last year.

Today’s quick list of how global warming alarmism is winding down
Orange Punch bloggers write from a particular libertarian point of view. We’re dedicated to advancing human freedom and believe that the primary role of government is to defend Americans’ liberties.

The British economy:  The pain to come
A terrible recession will be followed by a lacklustre recovery, but Britain is no basket-case

Double-dip recession could destroy one in four small firms
Research finds 28 per cent of UK small businesses believe economic trouble would drive them to the wall

Britons 'cutting everyday costs'
Britons are trimming their everyday costs as they deal with the effects of the recently-ended recession.

A study by Santander has found that eight out of ten people have made changes to lower their outgoings

Ireland economy shrinks by record 7.1%
Ireland remains in a deep recession after its battered economy shrank by a record 7.1 percent in 2009, official data showed Thursday in another blow for the eurozone as it endures its worst-ever crisis. Skip related content

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