Saturday, 24 April 2010

Welfare state could be the real loser from Britain's debt crisis
Good news from the deficit front. It's not as bad as we thought, chaps. It's just the £163.4bn for 2009-10, rather than the £167bn we feared

Alex Jones: Global Bank Conspiracy
The IMF has proposed levying two global taxes on the worlds banks to make sure the banks dont get us into trouble again. If that sounds dubious that’s because it is, in reality what is being proposed, and has been falling into place for some time, is the framework for an unelected global authority with powers above and beyond those of sovereign governments

'Fabricating Terrorism' - Victims Of UK Injustice
Launched in October 2003, Cageprisoners is a human rights organization dedicated to raising the "awareness of the plight of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay" and other War on Terror victims. As a "comprehensive resource," six words explain its mission: "education, campaign, support, motivation, co-operation (and) prevention" for its efforts to educate the public, campaign for Guantanamo and other detainee repatriations or their asylum, and have prisoner rights guaranteed under international law, including humane treatment not to be:

7/7 families call for victim inquests to examine intelligence services
Bereaved families of the 7/7 bombing victims are calling for their inquests to examine whether the intelligence services could have prevented the tragedy.

Town that scrapped 'motorist tax' speed cameras sees no increase in accidents
The first town in Britain to scrap fixed speed cameras has seen no increase in accidents, it was revealed yesterday.
But the number of motorists prosecuted for speeding there dropped by more than 40 per cent.
Swindon switched off its cameras over claims they were a ' blatant tax on the motorist' which did nothing to improve safety.

Labour slumps to six month low in latest ICM poll
Labour's election campaign suffers a fresh blow with support for the party slumping to its lowest level for six months, a new ICM poll for The Sunday Telegraph has found

How a hung parliament could hit you in the pocket
Many people attracted by the prospect of a hung parliament may be shocked to see how much it could cost them

VP Stresses Iran's Preparedness to Repel Enemy Attacks
TEHRAN (FNA)- The massive wargames conducted by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in the Persian Gulf showed that any enemy threats against the country will be reciprocated by Iran's powerful response, a senior Iranian official said on Saturday

Large cloud over the UK economy
Despite the fact that the UK economy is finally showing signs of growth there is still a large cloud looming over UK with growth in first-quarter of 2010 confirmed at just 0.2% against expectations of 0.4%. After the return to growth in the final quarter of 2009 there were hopes that 2010 would start much stronger and give the UK economy a springboard for the future. Unfortunately it looks as though the UK is set for a further period of disappointing growth with the budget deficit needing to be slashed, national debt spiralling out of control and a potential change of government all on the cards.

The looming global food crisis
Food prices have been rising. As reported here , world food prices started rising in 2007 and climbed to a record in June 2008 with rising prices of wheat, rice and corn sparking riots from Haiti to Ivory Coast. Around the world, food security is the big issue now. In the United States, food prices are spiraling ever upwards , with the price of fresh and dry vegetables up 56.1% and eggs up 33.6%,

Tipping Point for European Debt?


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