Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Greek financial crisis: the latest
The Greek debt crisis has dominated financial markets so far in 2010. Stay here for the latest news.

Power crunch looms for Britain
The taxpayer must pay for new plants, warns new Npower boss Volker Beckers

Fingerprint system 'stigmatises pupils'
Protests after children are scanned without the consent of their parents

Schools are denying pupils their civil liberties by fingerprinting them without seeking the consent of their parents, teachers warned yesterday.

Western Civilization and the Economic Crisis: The Impoverishment of the Middle Class
When Empire Hits Home, Part 2

The western nations of the world have built their great wealth and societies on the exploitation and plundering of the people and resources of the rest of the world. The wealth, freedom, and structures of our societies have been built on the starvation, robbery, deprivation and murder of millions upon millions of the world’s people, both historically and presently.

Web of companies hides Blair millions: Riddle of ex-PM's investments in foreign countries
Tony Blair faced new questions over his secretive business empire last night as it emerged one of his companies has been licensed to operate in low-tax regimes abroad.

Police chiefs must reveal their expenses as Jack Straw says they ARE subject to Freedom of Information
The perks enjoyed by senior police chiefs are to be finally subject to public scrutiny, ministers will say today.
The Association of Chief Police Officers - which, controversially, is considered a private company - has so far escaped the reaches of the Freedom of Information Act.

This is despite a string of damaging claims that senior officers are enjoying lucrative perks such as access to luxury Westminster flats.


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