Tuesday, 30 March 2010

SCHOOLS are eroding pupils’ civil liberties by taking their fingerprints without parents giving consent, a teacher claimed yesterday.

You can both go hang, say voters-Independent

50 per cent say choosing Brown is unthinkable... 51 per cent claim they have no enthusiasm for Tories... 38 per cent would like a hung parliament.

Tories Pledge to Cut British Jobs and Infrastructure to “Save £6 Billion” — but Seek to Increase Foreign Aid to £13 Billion -BNP
The Tory party plans to reverse Labour’s National Insurance rate hike by cutting £6 billion of jobs and IT systems from the civil service – but simultaneously aims to increase the UK’s foreign aid budget to £13 billion every year.

EU Regulation Has Cost UK Economy £176 billion Since 1998
The implementation and regulation of European Union laws has cost the British taxpayer £176 billion since 1998, roughly equivalent to the country’s entire budget deficit, according to a new report by think tank Open Europe.

CPS Warrior Nancy Schaefer Gunned Down -Infowars
The corporate media does not bother to mention that Schaefer exposed the abuses of CPS and the international child sex slavery ring.

Multiple blasts rock Iraq's Karbala -Press TV

US-Iran 'cold war' warming up -Al Jazeera
After year-long optimism that the three decade old US-Iran standoff might finally come to an accommodation, the two sides are ratcheting up their rhetoric and in the process risk new escalation with unpredictable consequences.


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