Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Police Shoot 42 Bullets Into Car With 2 Year Old Inside! -Uncover the News

Almost a quarter of Republicans think Obama ‘may be the Antichrist’ as 14 states sue over healthcare reforms-Uncover the News
Americans who suggest Barack Obama should rot in hell are apparently deadly serious.

Nearly a quarter of Republicans believe the Democrat president ‘may be the Antichrist’, according to a survey.

Ministers 'lying about terror threat to justify draconian laws'-Daily Mail

Ministers were accused yesterday of keeping the public in a permanent 'state of emergency' to justify draconian anti-terror laws.

Worst Drought in a Millenium Creates Severe Food Shortages in China-Epoch Times
Regime pledges five cents per person for relief

Global-warming Alarmism Dying a Slow Death-The New American

Video Surveillance deployed inside London Public Bathrooms-Network World
Is nothing sacred anymore!

'You're branding all men paedophiles' says swimmer locked out of pool changing room while schoolboys dress-Daily Mail
-A father who was barred from a public pool's changing room because children were inside has said he was branded a 'pervert'.


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