Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Dangers of Nuclear War: U.S.-Russian Nuke Deal no Cure for Real Threat
BEIJING, April 2 --After nearly a year's negotiations, the U.S. and Russian governments finally reached an agree-ment on further reduction and limitation of nuclear weapon arms. The agreement will be signed on April 8, limiting the total number of warheads to less than 1,550. Overall, it is good for world peace and stability as well as the prevention of nuclear proliferation, but we shouldn't be over-optimistic about the treaty.

British People Put Last: Third of Hospitals to Cut Operations “Because of Budget Deficits” but War in Afghanistan and Foreign Aid Continues
A third of all National Health Service Trusts are cutting back the number of operations being performed because of “budget cuts” while both Tories and Labour have promised to intensify the £3 billion a year war in Iraq and increase the £9 billion foreign aid budget.

MPs begin the Climategate whitewash
The Commons committee seemed unable even to understand the evidence, says Christopher Booker

Is Your Life About To Change Drastically?

What Is Immigration’s Role in the Violent Crime Rate Rise?
Official figures have revealed that violent crime in Britain has risen by 44 percent since 1998, giving new focus to claims by various police chiefs that immigration is largely to blame for this spike.

The dawn of a new age of muckraking
Today, talking heads, corporations, governments, editors and publishers no longer make the definitive judgment on what is news and what is not. More than 100 years after Upton Sinclair wrote his muckraking book “The Jungle,” the tradition of muckraking has a new life on the Internet.


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