Saturday, 3 April 2010

'Lying, cheating, defrauding taxpayer are all OK' announces panel of MPs
So, the results of the first Climategate enquiry are in. And guess what? It’s a word that begins with “W” and ending with “-hitewash.”

Over at Climateaudit, the mighty Steve McIntyre is furious. Among those he holds responsible is Nigel Lawson, for having given away territory he certainly had no right to cede on the subject of that now-infamous phrase “Mike’s Nature Trick.”

Digital Economy Bill reintroduces website blocking
Websites hosting pirated music or films could be blocked by the authorities, after the government reintroduced the measure to the Digital Economy Bill.

The plans, if approved, would allow ministers to permit injunctions that block websites illegally offering a "substantial amount" of material that is under copyright. But it would need to be demonstrated that any blocked site has a "serious adverse effect on businesses or consumers

Angus Reid/Sunday Express poll has Tory lead at 11% as voters slam Labour's record on immigration
Tomorrow's Sunday Express carries an opinion poll conducted by Angus Reid covering the usual voting intention question and several questions on immigration. The survey of 1,991 adults was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday.


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