Saturday, 3 April 2010

General election 2010: National Insurance row 'destroys PM's economic claims'
Gordon Brown's sole claims that re-electing him Prime Minister would secure an economic recovery has "collapsed" after the National Insurance row, George Osborne said.

Police officers must face trial by jury
The ridiculous acquittal of a Met sergeant for striking a protester armed with a drink carton proves how important it is to try police officers by jury

Ireland Child Abuse Report Reveals Vatican, Police Cover-up Collusion

Ten EU Nations Set Precedent
Ten EU member nations move away from the rest in a landmark precedent.

Even though the payroll number was a farce this morning, 10 Year Tresury yields surged again. One year ago they were 2.77%. Today they are 3.92%. That is a 41% increase. Thank God there is no inflation. This economy and this country cannot withstand higher rates. The higher these rates go, the closer we get to the tipping point. The trade of the decade continues to be shorting LT US Treasuries.

Hire women or face legislation, MPs warn the City
Financial companies must make radical efforts to increase the number of women in senior management positions or face legal quotas, an influential Parliamentary committee has warned.

Ian Tomlinson RIP - Police Brutality

G20meltdown — 02 April 2010 — Ian Tomlinson's family, friends and supporters commemorate the anniversary of his tragic death. This video is posted with best wishes and sincere condolences.

Ian Tomlinson was beaten to death by the Metropolitan Police on the 1st April 2009, as masked police officers hid their identification numbers to avoid prosecution for the violence some officers openly boasted they planned to inflict on G20 protestors. Protestors who broke windows of the corrupt RBS bank during the G20 protest are already serving long prison sentences, while the officer who killed Ian Tomlinson remains free, protected by the Met and IPCC lying to the press and public, hiding CCTV evidence and deliberately delaying investigations.

The anniversary of Ian Tomlinson's death comes soon after Met Police officer Delroy Smellie was acquitted for attacking a female G20 protestor Nicola Fisher, acquitted on grounds that a 6'2" thug with a steel-core baton and body armour was "frightened" of a woman "armed" with a carton of fruit juice! The anniversary also comes soon after the authorities were forced to acquit, drop charges against, and pay compensation to several groups of protestors the Met Police arrested and attacked in or soon after the 2009 Gaza and G20 protests.

We are all grateful for police protection from burglars, thieves, rapists, paedos and terrorists etc, but why are the police allowed to break their own laws whenever and wherever they see fit?

Special thanks to the 2 young Muslim women who placed flowers at the scene of Ian Tomlinson's collapse.

GORDON BROWN’S slim chances of re-election suffered a substantial blow this week when the Conservatives announced they would scrap his national insurance rises.

Israel warns of new Gaza Strip assault after air raid

Global recovery 'runs out of steam' - accountants
THE global economic recovery has run out of steam, according to ACCA's (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) latest Global Economic Conditions survey, with confidence taking a hit and a return to solid economic growth moving further away.

Defra approves GM potato trial
After public consultation, Defra has given approval to Leeds University to conduct a research trial of GM potatoes this year. The research is on potatoes that have been genetically modified to resist infection by potato cyst nematodes.

7 Mutant Animals Created by (Mad) Science: Amazing or Disturbing?


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