Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Digital Economy Bill- Mark Thomas- This Power Will Be Abused!

Digital Economy Bill- Mark Thomas- be afraid, be very afraid!

Given all the past examples of how all the other laws introduced by labour has meant to be 'for our own good' and 'only to be used in extreme circumstances' have been widely abused and misused against us, what do you think will happen with this one, hey? Btw- Feargal Sharkey- some artists have to get by on 15k a year, hey? i actually fuckin Work for a living,and damn hard too, and get less than 20k, so go suck your thumb and the governments' cock, you fuckin' sellout. As for peter mandelson, the more i see and hear of him the more i wonder if David Icke might not have something with the stuff about 'lizard people'... and that frankenstein creation of a junior mp, Timms, bleating on about how the definition of 'copyright' can be changed according to government whim without approval, is a good thing..? you fuckin' toady, you quisling, you'll get yours when they fuck you over just as they have done us, twat to think you'll be alrite cos you've sold your soul to them... Share, Disseminate, Spread the word, better to die on your feet like a human than on your knees like a dog ;-j wolf2jon


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