Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Where Will the Food Come From to Satisfy China's Growing Consumption?
While out this week shopping at your favorite food store, do something for one of your grandchildren. Use that fancy cell phone to take a few pictures of those food stores. Be sure to get several of the store front with people entering. With those pictures you may be able to convince your disbelieving descendants that a time did exist when grocery stores did not have armed guards

Soros Warns Europe of Disintegration Over Greece
The euro zone is at a dangerous brink, says billionaire investor George Soros, unless Germany agrees to lend money to Greece at below-market rates.

Euphoria over Greek rescue fades as first cracks appear
Euphoria over a joint EU-IMF rescue deal for Greece worth €45bn (£39.8bn) has given way to caution after angry reactions in Germany and continued concerns among bond investors that any bail-out merely delays the day of reckoning

PIMCO's Bill Gross Frantically Dumping Treasuries, Thinks US Interest Rates Will Soar
Nine months ago, Bill Gross's Total Return Fund was 50% in US Treasuries. Now it's only 30%, the lowest percentage in the 23 year history of the fund, says Nelson Schwartz of the NYT.

Why is Gross dumping Treasuries?

And Now It's Officially Spain's Turn To Take The Stage
Now that Greece is arguably an old story (though we've been fooled too many time to be certain of that), it's Spain's turn to take the stage.

In the last 24 hours, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has come out and promised to enforce strict austerity measures to deal with the country's budget deficit that's 11.3% of GDP, according to RTTnews.

Whether they can do it, and convince the bond market that they can make it stick is another story.

And unlike Greece, Spain is too big to bail.

Labours Election Manifesto Full of Promises But Missing Spending Cuts or Tax Rises
The Labour party launched its election manifesto today that in great detail listed a string of promises to increase spending and not to increase income tax.


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