Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Police shooting inquest opens

A WOMAN killed by armed police wrote in her journal just days before she met her tragic end that she had a story in her head which ended with her being shot.

The long-awaited inquest into the death of Sevenoaks' woman Ann Sanderson began in Gravesend with jurors being shown CCTV footage of the moments leading up to the 37-year-old's death.

Known as 'Tosh', Ms Sanderson was seen brandishing what was believed to be a handgun in the town centre in the early hours of June 11, 2007.

She pointed the gun at CCTV cameras several times, set fire to one industrial bin and attempted to set light to another.

At around 2.40am Ms Sanderson was cornered in the car park behind M&CO by armed police officers.

After a brief standoff she was shot and died from a single gunshot to the chest.

Her inquest is set to continue today.




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