Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Gordon Brown confronted by GP over cancer diagnosis plans
Leeds doctor expresses scepticism about Labour proposal to devolve more cancer diagnostic services from hospitals to health centres

Pharmacists are selling more drugs over the counter, but is your chemist putting your life at risk?
The glossy posters are lining the pharmacy windows, the witty TV advertising campaign is in full swing and, if all goes to plan, in the weeks and months to come thousands of middle-aged men will be popping along to their pharmacist to buy Flomax MR, an over-the-counter relief for their lower urinary tract problems - a weak bladder to you and me.
But this is no government-backed health campaign aiming to reach a segment of the population which is notoriously slow at asking for medical help.
This £5 million marketing campaign is the brainchild of a pharmaceutical company trying to sell their drug.

The alarm that can save diabetics' lives (so why is the NHS rationing them?)
Angela Wise was saved by the bell after a long country walk sent her into a diabetic coma.
She is one of the first to use a new sensor-controlled insulin pump that detects dangerously low levels of blood sugar and sets off a deafening alarm.

Vatican links homosexuality to paedophilia, causes outrage

The Vatican's second highest authority has linked paedophilia to homosexuality rather than celibacy, provoking anger among gay rights activists


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