Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Lord Alan Sugar gives Labour £400,000 for campaign
Lord Sugar, the businessman given a peerage by Gordon Brown, has donated £400,000 to the Labour Party.

Labour's £70,000 hike in homebuying costs
The cost of buying a home has shot up by £70,000 since Labour came to power in 1997.

Since Gordon Brown delivered his first Budget 13 years ago, stamp duty has trebled for one in three buyers, fees have tripled and prices have increased by 185% as the market has rocketed.

Why is there no talk about immigration?
It is one of the voters' greatest concerns - but politicians are turning a deaf ear, says Frank Field.

Alistair Darling explains why Labour cannot rule out a rise in VAT
Any last hope that Labour may freeze VAT seems to have vanished. The Labour Cabinet members arguing that the tax rate could be pegged nearer the election have lost their fight. Today Alistair Darling told me he will not deviate from yesterday’s refusal to rule out a rise. “We’re sticking to our pledge,” he said when I asked him if change in VAT policy was now off the table. “If you kick away any element [of flexibility in taxation] you get into trouble.”

Nick Clegg goes to war with Labour over civil liberties
Liberal Democrat manifesto launch accompanied by stinging attack on Labour - making post-election partnership more remote

The global government wants your children
They are perhaps the most powerful weapons of the New World Order. Small and virtually powerless on their own, their use as a bargaining chip is almost certain to trigger the most basic instinct to protect them at any cost.

To threaten to use one is a parents worst nightmare. They are our children and the United Nations wants them.

GORDON Brown has admitted for the first time that he was to blame for the credit crunch which triggered Britain’s ­economic disaster.

Global warming 'science' is an unreliable construct
The phrase, “scientific climate models” refers to computer constructs that should not be labeled “scientific.” They include arbitrary assumptions, and do not predict what has happened or what will happen.

Politicians targeted as charities see donations continue to fall
BRITAIN is emerging from recession, but the Government has warned that charities could still lose up to 25% of their funding due to caution among donors.


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