Wednesday, 14 April 2010

UKIP candidate Nigel Farage launches his party's campaign yesterday

VICTORY for any of the “old failed” main parties would be a disaster for Britain, the anti-European UK Independence Party said yesterday.

AN NHS manager who saw her pay package soar by £25,000 in a single year has caused outrage among patient groups and campaigners.

Abu Ghraib Torture Team Returns to Iraq
The Army reserve unit that became infamous after some of its members were charged with abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison six years ago is returning to Iraq.

Markets Are Showing Why Greece's 'Successful' Bond Sale Yesterday Sucked
Yesterday we were perplexed by the description of Greece's 6-month and 1-year government bills sale as 'successful'. It appeared to attract a lot of demand, but yields Greece had to pay investors were extremely high for such short-term money, for example the 1-year bill sold at 4.85% which is far higher than it was just back in mid-January.

School Instructs Kids on Oral Sex
Teenagers at a Nashville public high school were given AIDS tests without their parents consent and reportedly shown how to perform oral sex – and now at least one parent is demanding answers

Jesse Watters Confronts Al Gore on Climategate & Junk Science

Lieberman: U.S. Should Attack Iran's Nuclear Program if All Else Fails
Sen. Joe Lieberman says the world is at a "turning point in history" and the U.S. should begin preparing plans to attack Iran's nuclear program — and use that option if all diplomatic and other means fail.

Invisible RFID Ink Safe For Humans, Cattle, Co. Says
The process developed by Somark involves a geometric array of micro-needles and an ink capsule, which is used to 'tattoo' an animal. The ink can be detected from 4 feet away

House prices fall despite increased interest from first-time buyers
First-time buyers returned to the housing market in February but their increased numbers failed to prevent a slight decline in house prices, official figures suggest

Gordon Brown admits his mistakes added to financial crisis
Gordon Brown admits for the first time on Wednesday that he made mistakes that contributed to the financial crisis.

Property tycoon Gerald Ronson warns of social unrest in a two-tier Britain
Britain faces “social unrest” over rising unemployment outside London according to Gerald Ronson, the property tycoon.


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