Monday, 12 April 2010

The End of the Internet as We Know It in Britain
On April 8, the lords who pretend to represent the people in Britain (instead of large corporations and banks) passed the Digital Economy bill. The bill sets the stage for enforcing draconian measures for internet users. CNet UK runs down the down side. I summarize.

You will be restricted from accessing copyrighted material without paying for it, a no-brainer really since this was the presumed reason for the bill — or the excuse to get it passed. “The bill aims to make it more difficult to access copyrighted content, by blocking Web sites built around sharing such material. From the other side, the bill creates sanctions that can be applied to you, the user, should you be caught with your fingers in the copyright cookie jar,” writes CNet.

Rothschild World Domination Plan Via Private Nuclear Weapons
When nuclear power is eliminated from the hands of all nationalist
governments, the Rothschilds will control their own as a monopoly and their secret private
space-based delivery system as well. Say hello to your new god.

Surging Interest Rates Ahead, Part I
Brace yourself for one of the greatest interest-rate surges in decades — beginning first in the long-term Treasury markets … later spreading to shorter term Treasuries … and ultimately enveloping nearly every loan, debt, credit, and money market instrument on the planet.

Doctors 'losing skills because of EU rules'
European cuts to junior doctors hours means in 'ten year's time the NHS will have surgeons who do not know how to operate', a survey has warned

Council considers banning word 'obesity' to avoid offending overweight children
A council is considering banning the word “obesity” from its health campaigns for fear of offending overweight children

Labour caught out over NHS petition e-mails
Labour was today caught up in a new row over its use of personal data after e-mailing NHS professionals using their work addresses to ask for their support.

Map Of The Day: Awesome Visualization Of Global Debt Levels
As government debt levels surge worldwide a sea of red balance sheets have begun to engulf the world

Will Britain Be British in 30 Years Time? Not if the Tories and Labour Have Their Way
Mass immigration policies pursued by both Labour and Conservative parties havecaused English-speaking children to become a minority in 1,500 schools in Britain and if left unchecked, will see British people reduced to an absolute minority within 30 years.

According to a new report issued by the Department for Children, Schools, and Families, more than half the pupils in 1,284 primary schools, 210 secondary schools and 51 special schools across England now come from a “non-English speaking background

MPs' expenses: Politicians granted legal aid
Three politicians accused of fiddling their expenses have won a bid to get the public to pick up their legal bill

Depressed about our future
America is broke. We Americans have spent the last 15 years borrowing money for consumption instead of investment. Because of our high levels of debt, several prominent economists, including Gerald Celente — who predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, the housing bubble and the tea parties — and Peter Schiff — who predicted both the NASDAQ bubble and the housing bubble — are predicting a coming collapse that will dwarf the housing bubble

'Israel may drag US into new war'
Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has expressed fears that Israel may attempt to involve the US in a new aggression against Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

Intel Wants Brain Implants in Its Customers' Heads by 2020
If the idea of turning consumers into true cyborgs sounds creepy, don't tell Intel researchers. Intel's Pittsburgh lab aims to develop brain implants that can control all sorts of gadgets directly via brain waves by 2020.


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