Monday, 12 April 2010

Labour provokes outrage after botched attempt to sign up doctors for election stunt
Underhand tactics? Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah on the way to the Labour manifesto launch in Birmingham today
Labour has provoked outrage from doctors after a botched attempt to enlist their support in an election stunt.
The party was caught out approaching senior clinicians and other health staff - via their personal NHS addresses - asking them to sign a letter backing Labour's NHS policy

Soybean Overconsumption (first seven months of 2009/10)
What this means

The soybean prices are going way up. How high they go depends on how long the current overconsumption lasts. In other words, right now it would take a 50 to 80 percent rise in prices to ration demand until next harvest. However, with one months more of the current overconsumption, soybeans prices will have to double or triple to ration demand.

Watch for the USDA’s Madoff Moment

As his ponzi scheme collapsed due to withdrawal requests, Madoff had to face reality and shocked the world by admitting the truth. Investors who believed they owned billions found they had a little over 100 million to divide among themselves. The USDA, in the next two months, will also have to face the reality and admit to the world that the US is missing a ten to twenty million metric tons of soybeans. The news should be as well received as Madoff’s announcement.

(Regular readers of Mr deCarbonnel's work will realise the full implications of what this means. If he is correct in his analysis the SHTF in about 2 months. We'll keep you up to date with any further developments.)


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