Monday, 12 April 2010

Spend It Now! A Huge New Tax Is Coming...
Everything you buy is about to become 20% more expensive..

Afghan fury after Nato troops open fire on bus full of civilians, killing four
International troops opened fire on a bus carrying Afghan civilians today, killing four people and setting off anti-American protests by furious locals.
Witnesses said the bus, which was travelling in Kandahar province's Zhari district, had pulled over to allow an American convoy to pass when gunfire broke out.

Taxpayers' Alliance begins nationwide tour with 'debt clock' to highlight national deficit
Britain's crippling debts were put centre stage in the election campaign today when a new ‘national debt clock’ began a tour of the country.
The custom-built clock, commissioned by the Taxpayers’ Alliance, will broadcast a rolling record of Britain’s national debt in red LEDs standing almost three feet high.

The clock had to be built 23 feet long to display the huge figure, which is ticking up at a rate of more than £5,000 per second

Why UK Inflation Will Increase in 2010
The 'expert' economists tell us that Inflation is not a risk to the UK. They say it has risen but will decline again fairly quickly and everything is under control. But it's not. Ask real people running real businesses and they will tell you there a host of reasons why inflation will increase:

Leaked U.S. Document Calls For “Global Regime” To Tackle Climate Change
Says critics must be disarmed, all elements of Copenhagen Accord must be operationalised

Soros warns Europe of disintegration
The eurozone area and wider European Union is now “on the brink” of disintegration unless Germany steps up and provides loans at below-market rates to Greece, George Soros, the hedge fund manager, has warned

The low-energy light bulbs that take control of your TV
Some feared it must have been a problem with their remote. Others suspected ghostly goings-on.
But when TV viewers complained their sets were changing channel by themselves, few could have guessed the real culprit - their light bulbs.
Low-energy bulbs can make your television turn over the station at random, according to customers.

US denies climate aid to countries opposing Copenhagen accord
Bolivia and Ecuador will be denied aid after both opposed the accord

Microchipping Airport Workers


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