Monday, 12 April 2010

Nurse who told heart patient to mop up his own urine is free to continue working

A nurse who claimed she was suffering from personal problems when she gave a bed-ridden patient a mop and bucket to clean up his own urine has been cleared to continue working.

Thank God for the one man who has the courage to stand up to our ruling elite's assault on Christianity

The Church and the judiciary are two of the most venerable pillars of the establishment.

But in an explosive development, war has been declared between them over one of the most fundamental aspects of our society - freedom of religious conscience.

Gaza militant: Hamas stopping rocket fire into Israel

Hamas is forcing other Gaza Palestinian factions to guarantee they do not launch rockets or mortar bombs at Israel, a source told the French AFP news agency on Monday.

Peace soldier suffering 'cruel and degrading punishment'

An anti-war soldier serving a prison sentence for refusing to return to Afghanistan is receiving "cruel and degrading" treatment at the hands of military prison staff, according to lawyers.

Labour's nuclear no-show

Today, President Barack Obama hosts leaders from 46 countries for a two-day nuclear security summit that will focus on how to better safeguard weapons materials, both old and new, and to keep them out of the hands of terrorists. Labour’s manifesto was also launched today. What do the two things have in common? Not a lot, really. But they could have had a lot in common – if the Labour government had been willing to be bold.


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