Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Teenage soldier hailed for rescue

These are the people that matter now. Forget the Politicians.

A soldier rescued under enemy fire in Afghanistan has hailed his Military Cross-winning colleague as a lifesaver.

Captain Andy Bell, 26, paid tribute to the bravery of his teenage comrade after he dodged the bullets to stop the bleeding from two machine gun shots to his legs.

Private Alex Kennedy, 19, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, was awarded one of the UK's highest wartime honours for his heroics during the Helmand province firefight on June 8 last year.

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Brown rallies troops for battle

Gordon Brown told Labour activists they had 22 days to persuade voters their party was "the greatest force for fairness" in Britain.

At a small campaign rally in Leeds, the Prime Minister sought to energise his party's rank-and-file as the polls showed the Tories' lead over Labour narrowing to as little as three points.


Gordon Brown confronted by GP over cancer diagnosis plans
Leeds doctor expresses scepticism about Labour proposal to devolve more cancer diagnostic services from hospitals to health centres

Pharmacists are selling more drugs over the counter, but is your chemist putting your life at risk?
The glossy posters are lining the pharmacy windows, the witty TV advertising campaign is in full swing and, if all goes to plan, in the weeks and months to come thousands of middle-aged men will be popping along to their pharmacist to buy Flomax MR, an over-the-counter relief for their lower urinary tract problems - a weak bladder to you and me.
But this is no government-backed health campaign aiming to reach a segment of the population which is notoriously slow at asking for medical help.
This £5 million marketing campaign is the brainchild of a pharmaceutical company trying to sell their drug.

The alarm that can save diabetics' lives (so why is the NHS rationing them?)
Angela Wise was saved by the bell after a long country walk sent her into a diabetic coma.
She is one of the first to use a new sensor-controlled insulin pump that detects dangerously low levels of blood sugar and sets off a deafening alarm.

Vatican links homosexuality to paedophilia, causes outrage

The Vatican's second highest authority has linked paedophilia to homosexuality rather than celibacy, provoking anger among gay rights activists

Nigel Farage responds on Sky News

Pirate Party UK - what the Digital Economy Act means

Britain is broke

Epic Corruption and the Whistle-blower
The U.S. Supreme Court will be holding a private conference hearing on Friday, April 23rd 2010, to determine whether to hold a full court hearing on corruption charges within the Los Angeles County government for illegally imprisoning attorney Richard Fine. A rally to acknowledge the U.S. Supreme Court hearing will be held at the L.A. Superior Court building at 8 am Tuesday April 20th, by supporters of Richard Fine’s release from illegal imprisonment. Mainstream media has avoided any mention of this epic corruption scandal, despite its significance, and now it is on its way to the the Supreme Court

Obama Threatens Iran With 'All Options' Again
"The continued presence of all options on the table"; this is the disappointing message which a Nobel Peace Prize laureate dispatches internationally. In his latest interview with CBS news, American President Barack Obama refused to rule out the possibility of a military strike against Iran by harking back to the famous catchphrase of former U.S. President George W. Bush who once devised, regarding Iran's nuclear program, the popular sentence of "all options are on the table".

Here's Why The Euro Is Still In Trouble, And Greece Is Still Likely To Default
In the short run, it now seems as if the euro has been saved. Greece has received a massive infusion from the EU, its bonds are selling once again, the birds are singing and all is right with the world.

But Wolfgang Münchau makes a persuasive case that in the long run, a Greek default remains very likely. The structural adjustments required to get its budgets back into reasonable balance are simply massive (hence the demonstrations that keep turning into near-riots). That is going to require considerable austerity from the population, not to mention unemployment.

11 Examples Of How Insanely Corrupt The U.S. Financial System Has Become
If you ask most Americans, they will agree that the financial system is corrupt. It is generally assumed that just like most politicians, most big bankers are corrupt by nature.

But the truth is that the vast majority of Americans have no idea just how corrupt the U.S. financial system has become.

Why All the Talk About Nuclear Attacks in U.S. Cities All of a Sudden??
Just in this week alone, CNN and several other main stream media outlets have been talking or writing about the possibilities of a nuclear attack by terrorists. Just today in the following two articles, one from USA Today and the other from the Washington Times, reflect not only the media's sudden obsession with this topic, but the White House as well.

Remember, how the Illuminati pre-condition the public to accept and acknowledge certain things/events before they occur.

Obama Warns World Leaders Global Economic Crash Cant Be Stopped
According to these grim reports, Obama had called this meeting of World leaders under the guise of promoting his Global nuclear agenda but was, instead, intent on warning everyone present that after his Nation had “nothing left to give” after their unprecedented (and kept secret from the American people) nearly $422 bailout of the European Union last week.Initial reports prepared for Prime Minister Putin on US President Barack Obama’s extraordinary meeting with World leaders on the Global economic situation states that the Americans are now warning that a complete crash of the Global banking system is “all but inevitable” and “can’t be stopped”

Fuelling the Middle East arms race
Allegations that Syria has sold missiles to Hezbollah may not pose a direct security threat but will revive tensions with Israel

Speaking up for press freedom
Legislation is needed to end a decade of attacks on the rights of photographers, carried out in the name of counterterrorism

Traditional Flu Vaccine May Increase Risk of H1N1
If you got the seasonal flu vaccine last year you may have been at increased risk for the H1N1 flu.

Four new Canadian studies have found the traditional flu vaccine may have increased the risk of infection with swine flu by as much as 68 percent.

Designer baby with 'three parents' and no hereditary diseases ready in three years
Dozens of human embryos with three parents have been created by British scientists, ushering in an era of designer babies.
The embryos - which effectively have two mothers and one father - have been genetically engineered to be free from incurable muscle, brain, heart and digestive illnesses, some of which kill within hours of being born.

Police need more powerful weapons to combat 'Mumbai-style terror attacks' says police chief
Terror: Scotland Yard assistant commissioner John Yates said the officers need high-power weapons
Britain's anti-terrorism chief today said the nation's armed officers need high-powered weapons to combat Mumbai-style attacks.
Scotland Yard assistant commissioner John Yates said there was a need for an "upskilling" within police forces to tackle ever changing threats.

'Climategate' unit cleared of manipulating global warming data... but inquiry refuses to say if conclusions were correct
 The research unit embroiled in the 'emailgate' row was cleared of 'deliberate scientific malpractice' today - but an independent inquiry refused to say whether the unit's conclusions on global warming were correct.
The University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) has been under attack since hacked emails were leaked online last year, which sceptics claimed showed scientists were manipulating data to support a theory of manmade global warming

Preparing for Disaster in America
A growing number of Americans are doing everything they can to get ready if disaster strikes. Whether it's a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane or a conflict between the government and the American people, these guys are making sure they don't have to rely on anyone in a catastrophic situation

Consumers hit by £500 'winter whammy' fuel bills
 Households are receiving winter fuel bills of more than £500 because of the cold snap and high energy costs, according to a study.

Gold Bull Market Warming Up, Keep Your Eyes on the Golden Prize
Gold's bull market is starting to get warmed up again. The gains ahead in Gold are going to be greater than what we have seen since the secular bull market began at the turn of the century. Gold will continue to outperform general stocks, real estate, bonds and most if not all commodities

Council refuses to collect recycling bin... because it contained six melon pips
Melvyn Sylvester was amazed to discover his bin had been left untouched outside his home in Andover, Hampshire, at the weekend.

Binmen had left a sticker on it stating they could not accept the bin as it contained food and was therefore contaminated.

Mr Sylvester, 54, said the bin contained no food except for six small pips sitting on a pizza box.

Second inquiry clears Climategate scientists
MPs clear Climategate university The Drum: Climate change reporting: balanced or biased? Related Story: Climate science alive and well, say experts Another inquiry has cleared British climate researchers of wrongdoing after their emails were hacked, leaked and held up by sceptics as evidence they had exaggerated the case for man-made global warming

IPCC sea level prediction – not scary enough
New research from several international research groups, including the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen provides independent consensus that IPCC predictions of less than a half a meter rise in sea levels is around 3 times too low. The new estimates show that the sea will rise approximately 1 meter in the next 100 years in agreement with other recent studies. The results have been published in the scientific journal, Geophysical Research Letters.

UK: Big 'hung parliament' voter initiative to push parties for real change
As the latest Populus and ComRes opinion polls indicate a narrowing election lead for the Tories, campaigners for political reform are launching a bold "Hang 'Em - until they change" initiative

Tell The FDA That Cherries—And Now Walnuts—Are NOT Illegal Drugs!
Has the FDA lost its mind–again?

In the latest volley of the US Food and Drug Administration’s bizarre war on scientific freedom of speech, the FDA has sent a Warning Letter to the president and CEO of Diamond Foods stating that the firm’s packages of shelled walnuts are “in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”

Record £4.7m for epileptic who fell from a bunk bed in prison

A man who almost died after falling from an upper bunk bed at Brixton prison has won record damages of £4.7 million at the High Court.


Ukip London candidate quits after internet rant against the Queen

A candidate for the UK Independence party who has already been reprimanded for posting racist remarks on a website was today forced to quit after launching another abusive tirade online, this time aimed at the Queen.


Policeman ‘driving at 93mph in 40mph zone’ before fatal crash

A policeman knocked down and killed a grandfather as he raced to an emergency call at 93mph in a 40mph limit, a jury heard today.

Suspects in court over '£2.5m insider dealing'

Seven men charged with insider trading over information from brokerage Cazenove and the London printers of Swiss bank UBS AG will appear in court today.


Video Backs Maryland Students Police Brutality Claim

Lord Alan Sugar gives Labour £400,000 for campaign
Lord Sugar, the businessman given a peerage by Gordon Brown, has donated £400,000 to the Labour Party.

Labour's £70,000 hike in homebuying costs
The cost of buying a home has shot up by £70,000 since Labour came to power in 1997.

Since Gordon Brown delivered his first Budget 13 years ago, stamp duty has trebled for one in three buyers, fees have tripled and prices have increased by 185% as the market has rocketed.

Why is there no talk about immigration?
It is one of the voters' greatest concerns - but politicians are turning a deaf ear, says Frank Field.

Alistair Darling explains why Labour cannot rule out a rise in VAT
Any last hope that Labour may freeze VAT seems to have vanished. The Labour Cabinet members arguing that the tax rate could be pegged nearer the election have lost their fight. Today Alistair Darling told me he will not deviate from yesterday’s refusal to rule out a rise. “We’re sticking to our pledge,” he said when I asked him if change in VAT policy was now off the table. “If you kick away any element [of flexibility in taxation] you get into trouble.”

Nick Clegg goes to war with Labour over civil liberties
Liberal Democrat manifesto launch accompanied by stinging attack on Labour - making post-election partnership more remote

The global government wants your children
They are perhaps the most powerful weapons of the New World Order. Small and virtually powerless on their own, their use as a bargaining chip is almost certain to trigger the most basic instinct to protect them at any cost.

To threaten to use one is a parents worst nightmare. They are our children and the United Nations wants them.

GORDON Brown has admitted for the first time that he was to blame for the credit crunch which triggered Britain’s ­economic disaster.

Global warming 'science' is an unreliable construct
The phrase, “scientific climate models” refers to computer constructs that should not be labeled “scientific.” They include arbitrary assumptions, and do not predict what has happened or what will happen.

Politicians targeted as charities see donations continue to fall
BRITAIN is emerging from recession, but the Government has warned that charities could still lose up to 25% of their funding due to caution among donors.

Big Brother State

Bercow feeling the Nigel Farage heat

liarpoliticians — 13 April 2010 — Tory (quasi-New Labour) House of Commons speaker John Bercow is starting to feel the heat in his constituency, as UKIP's Nigel Farage starts to turn up the pressure to oust Bercow, one of many who was heavily implicated in the MP's expenses scandal.

John Bercow MUST be ousted from his seat by Nigel Farage, for the sake of the claimed democracy that is left in the UK, and for the expenses scandal. It would also stir up parliament with at least one person not afraid to ask awkward questions.

Recorded from Channel 4 News, 13 April 2010.

Why shortbread takes the biscuit in marketing Scotland to the world

I should have got tougher with banks, admits Gordon Brown

Historic TV debate will be meaningless to Scots - SNP

UKIP candidate Nigel Farage launches his party's campaign yesterday

VICTORY for any of the “old failed” main parties would be a disaster for Britain, the anti-European UK Independence Party said yesterday.

AN NHS manager who saw her pay package soar by £25,000 in a single year has caused outrage among patient groups and campaigners.

Abu Ghraib Torture Team Returns to Iraq
The Army reserve unit that became infamous after some of its members were charged with abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison six years ago is returning to Iraq.

Markets Are Showing Why Greece's 'Successful' Bond Sale Yesterday Sucked
Yesterday we were perplexed by the description of Greece's 6-month and 1-year government bills sale as 'successful'. It appeared to attract a lot of demand, but yields Greece had to pay investors were extremely high for such short-term money, for example the 1-year bill sold at 4.85% which is far higher than it was just back in mid-January.

School Instructs Kids on Oral Sex
Teenagers at a Nashville public high school were given AIDS tests without their parents consent and reportedly shown how to perform oral sex – and now at least one parent is demanding answers

Jesse Watters Confronts Al Gore on Climategate & Junk Science

Lieberman: U.S. Should Attack Iran's Nuclear Program if All Else Fails
Sen. Joe Lieberman says the world is at a "turning point in history" and the U.S. should begin preparing plans to attack Iran's nuclear program — and use that option if all diplomatic and other means fail.

Invisible RFID Ink Safe For Humans, Cattle, Co. Says
The process developed by Somark involves a geometric array of micro-needles and an ink capsule, which is used to 'tattoo' an animal. The ink can be detected from 4 feet away

House prices fall despite increased interest from first-time buyers
First-time buyers returned to the housing market in February but their increased numbers failed to prevent a slight decline in house prices, official figures suggest

Gordon Brown admits his mistakes added to financial crisis
Gordon Brown admits for the first time on Wednesday that he made mistakes that contributed to the financial crisis.

Property tycoon Gerald Ronson warns of social unrest in a two-tier Britain
Britain faces “social unrest” over rising unemployment outside London according to Gerald Ronson, the property tycoon.

IMF Prepares For Global Cataclysm
What is most troublesome is the massive expansion of the NAR. If the IMF believes that over half a trillion in short-term funding is needed imminently, is all hell about to break loose.

Fury as Russia sells its missile system to Iran
The S-300's surface-to-air rockets can hit many targets at once, including in-coming cruise missiles, making any Western or Israeli strike on Iran much more difficult

Humanitarian Disaster In Fallujah: Unprecedented Numbers of Birth Defects, Miscarriages and Cancer Cases
Doctors in Fallujah are witnessing unprecedented numbers of birth defects, miscarriages and cancer cases. According to gynaecologists, paediatricians and neurologists in Fallujah the numbers of these cases have been increasing rapidly since 2005 – less than 1 year after the bombing campaign by the occupying forces in 2004

Frank Field: Anger over immigration could 'spread to the streets' if it is not debated
Immigration is the election issue which “dares not speak its name” in the campaign, according to a former Labour minister

'Epidemic' of preventable childhood diseases: doctors
Preventable diseases such as obesity and tooth decay among children are reaching epidemic levels, doctors at one of the UK's leading hospitals warned today.

Britain's Accelerating Trend Towards High Inflation and UK Debt Default Bankruptcy
Whilst politicians of all the major parties during the general election campaign continue to ignore the giant debt elephant in the room as the general public continue to prefer to be deluded into thinking that Britain can skip the debt crisis that faces the country as a consequence of Greecesk levels of annual deficits and foreign liabilities that have pushed Britain significantly along the path towards hyperinflation and bankruptcy (debt default to foreigners), as many of the trend projections concerning the looming debt mountain, banking and public sector's liability expectations made in November 2008 (Bankrupt Britain Trending Towards Hyper-Inflation?) have come to pass, against which NOTHING has been done or stated will be done to prevent ultimate national bankruptcy as warned of in November 2008

Gold and Silver Bull Market Phase 2, The Tipping Point is Upon Us!
A "tipping point" in sociological theory is defined as "the level at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable." An idea or a movement has reached "critical mass."

I believe the global economy has reached that point.

Gold, Professor Fekete And The Economic Armageddon Signal
When the end comes, it will be a surprise even to those who expect it

Marc Faber on Gold, the Coming Big Bust, hyperinflation, and then Collapse
Marc Faber, the Swiss fund manager and Gloom Boom & Doom editor, warns that when the next crisis hits, 'you'd see people flee from all paper currencies into precious metals'.

Brilliantly Exposing Climategate
Over the years, I have read dozens of books by eminent scientists, climatologists and meteorologists, that exposed the lies that support the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in the modern era, “global warming.” I have always wanted to read one that anyone could understand without having sufficient knowledge of the rather complex science involved

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