Saturday, 17 April 2010

Is the Cartel falling apart?

SEC Charge Against Goldman has Volcanic Impact on Energy Markets

Why Drug Addicts Are Getting Sterilized for Cash

China tries to sterilise 10,000 parents over one-child rule

3D-TV health warning: Tuning in can cause confusion, nausea and even fits, says electronics giant

United Nations' threat: No more parental rights

The Entertainment Industry's Dystopia of the Future

This is managed democracy

Oil Companies Conspiring To Jack Up Gasoline Prices By Creating Artificial Scarcity

Counter-terrorism stop and searches up by 66%, new figures show

Police question climategate information seekers

U.S. Debt Headed To Possible 'Crisis'

Why Is Baltic Dry Index Falling if World Is Recovering?

The Euro Has Now Given Up ALL Its Gains Since The "Bailout"

Consumer mood unexpectedly worse in early April

Domestic terrorists as big a threat as al-Qaeda, says FBI head Robert Mueller

Scientists work to keep hackers out of implanted medical devices

A second garbage patch: Plastic seen in Atlantic

Nation of Laws and Lawlessness: America is Policing Itself and the World

Revealed: How MI5 bugged 10 Downing Street, the Cabinet and at least five Prime Ministers for 15 YEARS

VIDEO: Be Nice to America. Or We'll Bring Democracy to Your Country!

Yes, you heard right: BBC sends thousands of staff on course to teach them how to LISTEN

Former Prescott adviser’s secret demand for £1m - over ‘Shard of Glass’ tower his ex-boss approved

UK voting system would baffle aliens... Labour in third place but would still win most seats (276 to the Lib Dems' 99)

The man who stole your old age: How Gordon Brown secretly imposed a ruinous tax that has wrecked the retirements of millions

Too much, too young? Retailers still selling over-sexualised clothing to kids

Fury in Greece over IMF intervention

Ash cloud costing airlines £130m a day

Huge rise in foreign students 'undermines Labour's immigration policy'

Gordon Brown sets out vision for global society

Obama's Presidential Corruption

World Monetary System Collapse And Gold’s Parabolic Rise

Big Content’s dystopian wish-list for the US gov’t: spyware, censorship, physical searches and SWAT teams

Digital Economy Act: This means war

Update: SEC says Goldman defrauded investors of $1 billion

How a Rich and Proud Nation Went Broke

Catholic Church is 'like the Mafia'

100 Years of US Medical Fascism

School Spy Laptops “Took Thousands Of Photos” Of Students In Homes

Jordan's King Warns Mideast War 'Imminent'

Motorcyclist jailed for 26 hours for videotaping gun-wielding cop

More than 13,000 call church abuse hotline: official

UK flights ban extended to Sunday

Restrictions on flights in and out of the UK will remain in place until at least 1am on Sunday, air traffic control company Nats said.


Motorists hit for £1 billion under Labour

More than £200,000 a day is being raked in by the Treasury in revenue from speeding tickets, reigniting accusations they are being used as a money spinner.

Between 1997 and 2008, the latest Home Office figures available, around 16 million speeding tickets were handed to motorists.



A meaningless TV debate - no way Mr Salmond (commentary)

Mummy of Rameses II's high priest revealed by Royal Museum of Scotland

Scottish airports reopen as volcanic ash cloud moves south

Conservatives call for £5.1bn cut in Scotland

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