Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Girl Crying on Labour Stage: Mother Works on Minimum Wage at Treasury

At Labour's election rally, London's Central Halll this weekend we were treated to the sight of a girl crying her eyes out over having to eat lentils all week and not being able to afford a laptop.

Then the sick making spectacle of Brown comforting her.

Her mother works for the Treasury as a cleaner on minimum wage...

The Rich Continue To Use Government To Cut Out Their Competition

One of the scams that the rich use the government for in order to stop less wealthy people from getting richer is to promote the lie that, since venture capital is “riskier” than investing in public securities on the NYSE (another lie), individuals with less than a certain minimum net worth should not be allowed to invest in these “riskier” VC investments. Bankster puppet Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) has inserted into the upcoming financial “reform” bill a clause that would more than double the minimum net worth of a potential venture capital investor from $1 million to $2.5 million, or require an annual salary of $450,000 for the past two years to the current annual salary requirement of $200,000 for the past two years. more...

Stunning Pictures of Al Gore's New $9 Million Mansion Media Totally Ignored

Nobel Laureate Al Gore purchased a $9 million mansion in the luxurious hills of Montecito, California, recently, and with the exception of the Los Angeles Times and Fox News, America's media couldn't care less.

You think it might be because the Gore-loving press wouldn't want people to consider the possibility that all of his global warming hysteria was really about lining his wallet and not saving the planet? more...

Cyberattacks: Washington is hyping the threat to justify regulating the Internet

Networks have been under attack -- and successfully handled by operators -- as long as they’ve been around. Be wary of calls for more government supervision of the Internet.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a steady drumbeat of alarmist rhetoric about potential threats online. At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing this month, chairman Carl Levin said that “cyberweapons and cyberattacks potentially can be devastating, approaching weapons of mass destruction in their effects.”

The increased consternation began with the suspected Chinese breach of Google’s servers earlier this year. Since then, press accounts, congressional pronouncements, and security industry talk have increasingly sown panic about an amorphous cyberthreat. more...

YouTube censors video interview with Jeffrey Smith about GMOs

(NaturalNews) Within hours after posting our video interview with Jeffrey Smith, creator of Seeds of Deception and author of Genetic Roulette, YouTube pulled the video. Attempts to play the video are now met with the following message: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation." more...

Dudley mosque plan is scrapped

Plans to build an £18million mosque in Dudley town centre have been scrapped, the Express & Star can reveal today.

The scheme to build a mosque with 65ft minaret on derelict land in Hall Street attracted huge protests, but has now been ditched by the Dudley Muslim Association.

Deputy council leader, Les Jones, told the Express & Star today the DMA had agreed instead to redevelop the existing mosque in Castle Hill, after months of delicate negotiations. more...

The truth politicians won't tell us on jobs: Economists predict decade of pain

Thousands of South West jobs will be axed as part of the biggest squeeze on public sector spending seen in generations, the first detailed report on the dire regional impact of the financial crisis warns.

In the wake of fierce criticism of the three main parties for not outlining precisely how they would claw back the record national debt, economists believe the South West will face more than a decade of pain from tax rises and public sector cuts. more...

'Clouds gathering for UK economy', warns LSR

The British economy should start 2011 with a fair amount of momentum, but growth could subside over the course of the year, according to the Quarterly UK Economic Forecast published by Lombard Street Research (LSR).

In the second half of 2011, the year-on-year rise in real GDP is unlikely to be much above 2%. Jamie Dannhauser, a senior economist at LSR, says this prediction reflects the deflationary consequences of fiscal tightening and limited, or even negative, growth in the eurozone, Britain’s main export market.

LSR says the outlook for the eurozone continue to deteriorate, threatening the long awaited rebalancing of the British economy towards exports. “Beyond a potentially quite strong rebound this year, there are clouds gathering for the UK economy in 2011,” the report says. more...

Fall in sterling could derail UK’s recovery

A COLLAPSE in the value of sterling in the wake of the general election would push inflation even higher and could even risk derailing the economic recovery if the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is forced to tighten policy too soon, a top City consultancy will say today. more...

‘Rape-aXe’: World Cup fans get barbed condoms

A doctor wants to give out 30,000 anti-rape devices in South Africa

A South African inventor is seeking international donations so she can distribute 30,000 barbed condoms designed to thwart rapists ahead of the World Cup, to be held in South Africa in June.

Dr Sonnet Ehlers encountered fierce criticism from feminist groups when she first developed the 'Rape-aXe' anti-rape device five years ago and has not yet managed to bring her pet project into commercial production. It has never been tested on a live subject.

The Rape-aXe, as reported in the First Post in 2007 when it was called Rapex, looks like a thick condom – transparent, with rows of barbed teeth on its inside surface. Ehlers describes it as looking like a tampon, complete with applicator. It is intended that a woman would insert it into her vagina, where Ehlers says it sits, "very comfortable, very soft – she won't feel it".

If a woman wearing a Rape-aXe is raped, Ehlers believes, the device will latch onto the assailant's penis. She expects a would-be rapist to withdraw immediately in pain and surprise, taking the barbed condom with him like a sort of tag. Critically in a country with an HIV infection rate of almost 18 per cent among adults, Ehlers does not want her barbs to draw blood. She explains: "The hooks penetrate through the skin [but] do not go into the spongy tissue."

Read more: Come Here

Whoops! CO2 has almost nothing to do with global warming, discovers top US meteorologist

The other night I had a nightmare in which a general election was approaching and all three main competing parties had the same suicidal policy. They all believed in this thing called the Big Bad Fairy and were convinced that the only way to drive off the BBF and her evil hordes was by spending huge sums of taxpayers’ money – £18 billion a year was, I believe, the figure quoted in the nightmare – and by ruining the country with ugly, spinning Fairy Towers for the bad fairy hordes to nest in.

Then I woke up and found…

Seriously, though, what do we do? How we can possibly stop the environmental and energy policy of our next government being based on what US meteorologist Dr Roy Spencer calls “the worst case of mass hysteria the world has known.”? more...

Battle against California's landmark global warming law heats up

Foes get 800,000 signatures to try to suspend reform measure

SAN JOSE — Setting up what is expected to be a multimillion-dollar political battle between oil companies and Silicon Valley tech leaders, opponents of California's landmark global warming law turned in about 800,000 signatures Monday for a November ballot measure to suspend the law.

Opponents of the law, known as Assembly Bill 32, say it will cost California jobs during a bad economy by increasing the price for fuels such as gasoline, and electricity bills. Supporters say the law — the latest example of California leading the rest of the nation on environmental reform — already is helping the state's green tech and renewable energy industries by driving demand for cleaner energy.more...

Time for countries to curb spending

I was feeling quite sorry for the Greeks and their ongoing debt crisis until I learned that one of the sacrifices they are being asked to make is losing their 13th and 14th month salaries. A 13th and 14th month? No wonder the years seem to go so quick in other parts of the world, we're missing out on two months a year!

This stunning example of European self-entitlement (Greece is not the only country to enjoy such daft bonuses) reveals why some governments are now facing budget crises of epic proportions. In the case of Greece, which was given details of its bailout by the European Union and International Monetary Fund on Sunday, successive governments have also fiddled the figures to hide the true extent of how screwed up their economy is. more...


Most major parties have now published their manifestos for the 2010 General Election. Over the next week we'll be reviewing the proposals of the various parties analysing any obvious misandry as well as pro gender equality content. Let's start by taking a look at Labour's plans for the next five years. more...

Freedom of religion price tag: 650 dollars fine for Muslim woman in Italy's anti-immigration city

ROME - Italian police fined a Muslim woman for wearing a full veil in a street in the northern city of Novara, possibly the first such incident in Italy, city officials said Tuesday.

"City police ticketed her last night and she will have to pay a 500-euro (650-dollar) fine," Mauro Franzinelli of the Novara municipal police said.

"As far as I know this is a first in Italy," he said adding that the woman could appeal. more...

YouTube culls MIA’s ginger genocide video

British rapper MIA's controversial and explicit video which shows ginger-haired people being rounded up, beaten and executed has been pulled from YouTube.

The nine-minute promo for MIA's latest single, Born Free, shows a group of red-headed adolescents being forced into an armoured vehicle and driven to the desert. There, one young boy is shot at point blank range, his brains flying across the screen. In another graphic depiction, a red-headed man is shown being blown up by a landmine, while others are beaten with sub-machine guns and fired at by rocket launchers.

The Born Free clip was launched online on Monday but has since been censored by YouTube. Only those who have a YouTube account and are over the age of 18 can still access it.

Read more:

See film at MIA's SiteHere

Gordon Brown should apologise to the Queen, says Manish Sood. Precisely

It has taken an Old Left Labour candidate from an immigrant background to remind us of something that even traditional Tories have overlooked: Gordon Brown has personally failed Her Majesty the Queen by his disgraceful performance as her chief minister.

Manish Sood, Labour candidate for Norfolk North-West, has called on the Prime Minister to apologise to the Queen for the wreckage he has left behind. I couldn’t agree more. Brown certainly owed Gillian Duffy an apology, but he also owes one to another dignified and spirited old lady. more...

YouTube forced to delete ‘Downfall’ parodies

German film company gets its way at last. But has it shot itself in the foot?

No more will Hitler rant about the issues of the day on YouTube. One of the longest-running - and, for some, most annoying - internet 'memes' now faces annihilation as YouTube attempts to delete all parodies of the German film Downfall from its site.

Read more: Here

Climate Change and Mental Health in Nottingham

A newspaper advertisement for a “climate change manager” for Nottingham City Council has once again illustrated just how dearly this fad costs the hard-pressed British taxpayer.

Exactly why Nottingham City Council regards the acquisition of a “climate change manager” as a must — and a very expensive must at that — when all the evidence shows that climate change has been occurring for as long as planet earth has been in existence, is not explained.

Furthermore, observers have asked is there something about the climate in the city of Nottingham and its environs that sets it aside from that embracing the remainder of the country. more...


BRITAIN faces the nightmare of the first hung Parliament in a generation when voters go to the polls on Thursday.

With no party gaining a significant opinion poll lead, the electorate could wake up on Friday to a House of Commons with no party in overall control.

It could mean the Liberal Democrats holding the balance of power and making a string of demands for propping up a minority government or even joining a coalition. more...

Halliburton implicated in BP’s Deepwater oil spill

Halliburton, the Texan oilfield services giant, has emerged as a key player in the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. The controversial firm, once run by former vice president and Iraq war architect Dick Cheney, had been hired by BP to handle the cementing process on the doomed rig.

Read more: Here

British families suffer as inflation rises to twice the rate of other Western countries

Families in Britain are facing a bigger squeeze on living standards than those in most of the Western world.

Inflation in this country is running at twice the rate of similar states with families struggling to cope with food, motoring and energy bills.

Britain's Consumer Price Index (CPI) figure of 3.4 per cent compares to just 1.1 per cent in Germany, 1.4 per cent in both Italy and Spain, and 1.6 per cent in France. more...

Labour man 'unrepentant' on PM jibe

A "maverick" Labour candidate who branded Gordon Brown the "worst Prime Minister" has been unrepentant despite being disowned by his party.

North West Norfolk candidate Manish Sood hit out at Mr Brown less than 48 hours before the polls open.

Now, Mr Sood, speaking at his home in Leicester, described himself as a "freedom fighter" and said: "I will stand by what I say because I know it's the truth and nothing but the truth. More......

'Extraordinary' decline as British fish stocks drop by 94 per cent

Britain's fish stocks have fallen by 94 per cent since their peak levels in 1937, a study revealed today.

Experts found that the decline of popular species such as such as cod, haddock and plaice has been far greater than previously thought.

The 'extraordinary' decline in fish stocks in our waters over the past 120 years has been masked by technological developments in trawling boats. Read more

Britain: One with Nineveh and Tyre?

From the economic point of view, the 2010 British General Election due on May 6 is one that no sane person would want to win. By far the country's largest industry, financial services, is in deep trouble, facing concerted worldwide attack by enraged governments and citizenry. The budget deficit is at 12.8% of Gross Domestic Product, near Greek levels, while the decline of North Sea oil and gas has left the country in increasing dependency on the tender mercies of Gazprom. It is increasingly obvious that British living standards are going to decline substantially over the next decade. In short, the task ahead for whoever wins looks thankless. more...

This Greek bailout is not a recovery plan – it is an economic death spiral

Normally, the IMF demands countries boost exports by devaluing their currencies and cutting interest rates – but eurozone member Greece can do neither

The International Monetary Fund has a clear idea about what is wrong with Greece. The eurozone's weakest link has a serious fiscal problem, with excessive budget deficits leading to ballooning national debt. And it has a competitiveness problem caused by its costs being higher than those of fellow members of monetary union.

It is also clear that the bailout orchestrated by the IMF, the European commission and the European Central Bank will merely be a short-term fix unless it can help get Greece moving again. If it can't, it will be worse than useless. more...

National ID Plan Is Rife With Threats to Privacy and Civil Liberties

Senate Democrats have solidified and given more definition to their plan to create a biometric national ID, the centerpiece of their immigration reform proposal. (For reasons unrelated to the national ID plan, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has dropped out of the picture for now.) The “Conceptual Proposal for Immigration Reform” they released last week gives much more detail to the sketchy plans I previously reviewed.

In my Cato Policy Analysis, “Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification: Franz Kafka’s Solution for Illegal Immigration,” I wrote about the possibility of a work authorization document limited to that purpose—and my doubts that the government would adopt one. more...

US deploys 1000s drones in Afghanistan

The US is deploying thousands of drones in Afghanistan, raising suspicions as to whether the move is aimed at monitoring militants or targeting another country.

Regional defense analysts believe that the unmanned aerial vehicles could be brought into play against regional countries in the wake of mounting tensions with Iran over its nuclear activities, the Pakistan Observer newspaper reported on Tuesday. more...

Opinion: The Dark Curse which fouls our country

A Dark Curse descended over a gentle land.

This Darkness hates any individual striving for the Light.

This life-sucking parasite tries to prevent decency and personal responsibility with every means at its disposal.

In countless ways the Curse seeks to restrict the autonomy, self-expression, personal responsibility and spiritual growth of the individual.

It confuses the weak-minded with systematic lies and deceit. It silences with bullying and intent to hurt. It pretends to virtue with noble words to confuse the gullible, but Its acts result in decay.

The Curse creates division, discord and hate by setting one group against another.

It weakens others by denigrating self-reliance and self-responsibility to create dependence on itself - and so enhances Its power.

Like the vampire it is, it seeks power, power and more power - by depriving others of their’s.

It exists by creating decay and dissolution. It thrives whilst causing degeneration in others.

Through its control of TV it fills the minds of the hapless with every conceivable image of contamination, conflict, pain, degradation and degeneracy to weaken and cause spiritual carelessness in the supine viewer by causing negative and destructive thought forms.

The battleground is the media and for decades those opposed to the Darkness have had to watch the Darkness control the media and peddle decay, powerless to stop it.

Watch carefully those rich, privileged media and TV people from the Left who speak in support of it or twist TV News to protect it. Mark them well and remember who they are - for their activities, which pay them so well, are actively assisting the Darkness to retain control and continue its work. They are the guilty ones who have enabled the devastation to take place. When they have before their eyes the actual evidence of the destruction of the workings of their creed, they still prostitute and degrade themselves by still demanding more; why is this? What is it in the characters of Polly Toynbee, Jackie Ashley, Nick Cohen, Jonathan Freedland, Seamus Milne, Steve Richards, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Johann Hari etc etc that attracts them to the Darkness and the promotion of human unhappiness?

Throughout the ages, the Curse has used the presence of extreme selfishness, personal weakness, callous self-indulgence and greed in the character of the ruling elite, to reappear and enjoy once again the unhappiness, self-destruction and despair of others.

It is among us and over us now.

During Its thirteen years of rampant, exuberant freedom it has rotted and caused decay in the very fabric of every aspect of Society. It wants to continue.

Will this Curse be beaten on Thursday? I do not know.

If beaten, however, it will only seek to return.

The Darkness will scream and claw and scratch and spit its hate to prevent the coffin lid being screwed down.

Only the twisted and malignant, the ignorant, and the weak-minded who have allowed themselves to be duped, will support and aid this life-sucking Darkness.

Those who value truth, decency, honesty, love, kindness and light have no option but to link arms and oppose it.

It cannot live in the light. It needs darkness to work, live and breed.

However, every candle helps to dispel the dark.

If it survives on Thursday, I vow to fight it with every weapon of the Light at my disposal.

US school for disabled forces students to wear packs that deliver massive electric shocks

Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI) has filed a report and urgent appeal with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture alleging that the Judge Rotenberg Center for the disabled, located in Massachusetts, violates the UN Convention against Torture.

The rights group submitted their report this week, titled "Torture not Treatment: Electric Shock and Long-Term Restraint in the United States on Children and Adults with Disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center," after an in-depth investigation revealed use of restraint boards, isolation, food deprivation and electric shocks in efforts to control the behaviors of its disabled and emotionally troubled students. more...

Agenda 21 Alert: Global Warming Freeze?

As the federal “Cap and Trade’ bill falters in Congress, and resistance to the EPA’s 18,000 page new regulation document grows, globalists are trying to bring about expanded control, using the discredited excuse of man made global warming, on a State and local level.

Californians, finally realizing the magnitude of the cost of a statewide ‘Cap and Trade’ scheme, in addition to a massive increase in government control, lined up to sign a petition to freeze any action on AB 32 (Cap & Trade scheme voted into law in 2006, to be implemented in 2012). Only 435,000 signatures were needed to get the initiative to suspend AB 32 on the ballot in November, but they got over 800,000 signatures. Thanks to ‘Climategate’ and the numerous other UN science frauds that have been exposed, people are beginning to understand the overall agenda: Agenda 21 Sustainable Development (which uses environmental issues to depopulate and control the masses). more...

Global Warming Showdown on Capitol Hill: Hearing to address climate ‘deniers’ head on — Lord Monckton Set to Square off with Warmists

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) will seek to further restore the public credibility of climate science this Thursday by hosting several top American researchers in an explanatory hearing that, his office promises, “will address the claims of deniers head-on.”

The Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming hearing follows news yesterday that the InterAcademy Council, an alliance of many of the world’s science academies, had chosen its panel to review the methods of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Flaws and typos revealed in the IPCC’s influential 2007 report, particularly an error exaggerating the risk global warming poses to Himalayan glaciers, have damaged the panel’s standing and given ammunition to those critical of science underlying climate change. more...

Hacker 'selling 1.5 million stolen Facebook users' login details on the black market'

A hacker has put 1.5million stolen Facebook accounts up for sale on the black market, an internet security firm has claimed.

Researchers at VeriSign’s iDefense Labs said they had found the stolen or bogus accounts on a Russian forum called Carder.su.

A hacker called 'kirllos' was offering log-in data of thousands of Facebook users at bargain basement prices. more...

Greek crisis pushes gold to record high

Investors seek traditional safe haven amid fears turmoil will spread and the €110bn rescue deal for Greece will not be enough

Gold prices hit record highs today as investors flocked to the precious metal as a safe-haven investment on enduring fears Greece's woes are still not contained.

As markets remain on alert for signs that Greece's fiscal problems will spill over into other countries within the eurozone, sterling-priced bullion hit a high of £783.33 an ounce and gold also set records in euros and Swiss francs. Spot gold in dollars hit $1,188.86 an ounce, the highest since early December. more...

Preparedness goes mainstream: "Preppers" come from all walks of life (and they all want to stay alive)

Back in the 1990s, the idea of growing food in the suburbs, getting "off the grid," and learning survival skills was thought to be something only militia members and lone rangers living in the woods would do. Today, a new type of survivalism has emerged in light of economic and political turmoil that people from all walks of life are embracing.

Sometimes called "preppers," people who prepare in advance for catastrophic events like natural disasters or social chaos are becoming more common in both urban and rural America. What was once considered to be paranoia is quickly becoming a popular social movement of everyday Americans who are trying to be self-sufficient and prepared for anything. more...

Gordon Brown: I will take the blame if we lose election

Gordon Brown today shouldered full responsibility for Labour's campaign and revealed that he may quit politics to do charity work if he loses.

Interviewed in his flat above Downing Street for the final time before polling day, the Prime Minister said the buck stopped with him.

“I take all responsibility for anything that's happened in the election,” he said.

“The election is my personal responsibility. Whenever I have made a mistake, I've made clear that I made a mistake.” More....

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The Network.

Warning for Britain as financial chaos spreads to Spain

Spain's economy was thrown into chaos on Thursday when its credit rating was cut, sharpening fears that Britain may suffer a similar fate.

The turmoil came just a day after Greece’s rating was cut, increasing concerns of a Europe-wide financial crisis.

The euro fell sharply and the interest rates European governments pay to borrow money jumped after Standard and Poor’s, a credit ratings agency, downgraded Spain. more...

Life is getting slower in the country - as rural speed limits are quietly cut by 10mph

Car lovers who fancy a relaxing drive in the country might want to keep a keen eye on the speed limit signs... or face a mood-changing fine.

Councils across the country have been reviewing the speed limits of around 50,000 miles of road, and about half the roads have had their limits reduced.

Motoring groups are warning that there will be a rise in the number of speeding fines as the changes are not being widely publicised. more...

Mother of all gushers could kill Earth's oceans

This then could be the end!!!

Imagine a pipe 5 feet wide spewing crude oil like a fire hose from what could be the planets' largest, high-pressure oil and gas reserve. With the best technology available to man, the Deepwater Horizon rig popped a hole into that reserve and was overwhelmed. If this isn't contained, it could poison all the oceans of the world.

"Well if you say the fire hose has a 70,000 psi pump on the other end yes! No comparison here. The volume out rises geometrically with pressure. Its a squares function. Two times the pressure is 4 times the push. The Alaska pipeline is 4 feet in diameter and pushes with a lot less pressure. This situation in the Gulf of Mexico is stunning dangerous." -- Paul Noel (May 2, 2010)

Last night we received the following text in an email, author not identified. I passed it by Paul Noel, who is an expert in the field. His response follows thereafter. In calculating the gallons required to kill the oceans, remember that oil goes to the surface, where life is concentrated.

The Oil Mess
The original estimate was about 5,000 gallons of oil a day spilling into the ocean. Now they're saying 200,000 gallons a day. That's over a million gallons of crude oil a week!

What no one is telling us

Read what I think about it all @ Indyspareings

£220k-a-year council boss hires £122k consultants to tell her who to sack

One of Britain's highest paid council chief executives has demanded her authority spend £122,000 on outside consultants to tell her how to save money.

Andrea Hill, who earns £220,000 a year, has warned workers at Suffolk County Council that the authority needs reorganisation and some of them will be sacked.

Taxpayers in Suffolk will pay three consultancy agencies up to £1,500 a day to tell the council where it can save. more...

Mortgage lending dives, fears grow for housing recovery

Mortgage lending dived by 83pc during March, fuelling speculation that the housing market recovery is running out of steam, official figures showed.

Net lending, which strips out redemptions and repayments, fell to just £318m during the month, down from £1.85bn in February, according to the Bank of England. It is now at the lowest level since July last year, when it was negative.

The low figure is likely to partially reflect the distortions to the market caused by the Government's stamp duty holiday, which led to people rushing through transactions on lower-value properties before the end of last year. more..

Global Financial Conflagration, Fiat Money Buckling Under Unpayable Debts Pressure

America and the world face a financial conflagration of immense proportions. The world of fiat money and massive credit is buckling under the pressure of unpayable debt. Each day the safe haven of gold and silver related assets become more attractive. We ask where else do you go for safety? A conflagration is a fire out of control and that is exactly the conditions the world faces today. The inflationary depression has smoldered for 14 months and it will soon accelerate especially the US, UK and Europe and as we all know that cannot continue indefinitely. The federal government continues to hire when it should be firing. Having lost 80% of our industrial base we struggle in a service economy that cannot service 300 million plus people, never mind supply exports to offset the cost of imports that we no longer manufacture. We now supply indefinite unemployment benefits, which in reality cannot go on forever. The fiscal debt spirals ever higher and the Fed creates money and credit with no end in sight, which devalues the dollar. Taxation on individuals and businesses continues relentlessly higher. This is the way of corporatist fascism. This is now the way of America . more...

Global Debt Crisis Future Public Debt Trajectory Protections

Everyone and their brother intuitively knows that the current government fiscal deficits in the developed world are unsustainable. They have to be brought under control, but that requires some short-term pain. Today we look at a rather remarkable piece of research from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) on what the fiscal crisis may morph into in the future, how much pain will be needed, and what will happen if various countries stay on their present courses. Some countries could end up paying north of 20% of GDP just on the interest to serve their debt, within just 30 years. more...

(take a look at the charts in this article, guess where the UK lies?)

Sacked Tory candidate says Cameron is not fit to be PM

A FORMER Conservative election candidate who was sacked for making homosexual slurs has launched a savage attack on David Cameron.

Philip Lardner, who is now standing as an independent in North Ayrshire and Arran, called his former leader "frighteningly weak".

He described his suspension from the party as "opportunism of the worst kind" and claimed Mr Cameron was "spurred on by obsequious advisers". more...

Gordon Brown 'worst Prime Minister ever' says Labour candidate

A Labour candidate has called Gordon Brown the "worst Prime Minister ever" just two days before the polling stations open

General Election 2010: Gordon Brown 'worst Prime Minister ever' says Labour candidate
A Labour candidate has called Gordon Brown the "worst Prime Minister ever" just two days before the polling stations open. more...

The Times guide to winners and losers in Scottish marginal seats

Complete list of Scottish marginals with predictions more...

Bilderberg Attendee Ed Balls Confronted by WeAreChange Brum

Postal vote fraud: 50 criminal inquiries nationwide amid fears bogus voters could swing election

Voter fraud could determine the outcome of the general election as evidence emerges of massive postal vote rigging.

Police have launched 50 criminal inquiries nationwide amid widespread cases of electoral rolls being packed with ‘bogus’ voters.

Officials report a flood of postal vote applications in marginal seats. With the outcome of the closest election in a generation hanging in the balance, a few thousand ‘stolen’ votes there could determine who wins the keys to Downing Street. more...

Global Governance is a challenge for democracy (but an EU opportunity)

Creating global governance mechanisms that are efficient but also responsive to national concerns will not be easy, says Pascal Lamy. But the WTO’s Director General and former EU Commissioner sees useful lessons to be drawn from Europe. more...

New Labour is a parasite. A vote for them is born of fear, not hope

While Labour has liberated billionaires, it has trussed up the rest of us with 3,500 new criminal offences, including provisions that allow the police to declare any demonstration illegal. It has introduced control orders that place people under permanent house arrest without charge or trial. It has allowed the US to extradite our citizens without producing evidence of an offence. It has colluded in kidnapping and torture. Britain now has more CCTV cameras than any other nation, and a DNA database that is five times the size of its nearest competitor. The number of prisoners in the UK has risen by 41% since Labour took office. more...

500 cities pledge to reduce CO2 by more than 20%

More than 500 European mayors will commit today (May 4) to cut CO2 emissions by more than 20% by 2020.

The pledge will be made in the second, of what are now annual, meetings of mayors from across the continent .

By signing the Covenant of Mayors, they pledge to save energy, foster renewable energy and raise awareness among their citizens. more...

Bookie pays out on Cameron victory

A bookmaker has announced it is paying out early on bets placed on David Cameron to be Prime Minister and the Conservatives to win the most seats in the General Election.

Paddy Power said it is so sure of a Tory victory that it is stumping up £100,000 before the results of Thursday's ballot are revealed.

The pay-out applies to single bets placed before 9pm on Monday. More......

The CCTV camera snapping up £1m a year from baffled drivers

A CCTV camera is raking in almost £1million a year for one council by catching drivers out as they drop passengers off outside a station.

On an average day it has been landing 23 motorists with a fine of £100 each, after recording them pulling in to a convenient bus stop.

But furious victims say officials behind the camera acted like 'cowboy clampers' by installing the device without clear warnings.

Wandsworth council, in South-West London, now faces the embarrassing possibility of having to refund thousands of fines after it emerged the camera could breach Government guidelines. more...

Tax chat could land you a £5,000 fine: Big Brother law threatens innocent advice

Anybody who advises a friend to take out an Isa or gives them a similar tax-saving tip risks a £5,000 fine, experts warned yesterday.

They attacked proposed 'Big Brother' powers for HM Revenue and Customs which could ensnare those simply trying to help a friend, relative or colleague to cut their tax bill.

Innocent victims could include a person who mentions to a friend in the pub that an Isa is a way of saving £10,200 a year tax-free. more...

Edinburgh is only British city named in top 25 global destinations

LONDON with its "tourist magnets" of Buckingham Palace, Bond Street, Madame Tussauds, galleries and museums has long been the main destination of choice for countless tourists visiting Britain.

But now it has been truly knocked off its perch by Edinburgh which is revealed today as the only UK city featuring in the world's top 25 favourite places to visit in the world. more...

Lib Dems aim for twenty Scottish seats

NICK Clegg will arrive in Scotland today to push his party's election prospects amid growing optimism that the Liberal Democrats can deliver up to 20 Scottish seats in Thursday's election. more...

India warned of food crisis ahead

A Dutch expert on agriculture has warned India of a food crisis unless the country makes new investments in the sector and induces young individuals to take up farming. India will have to speed up its food production otherwise it will not remain self-sufficient in food in a few years' time, he has warned. more...

GMO alert: U.S. attempting global censorship of GMO food labeling

I received an urgent alert from Jeffrey Smith today about a dangerous situation taking place right now at the international CODEX conference. The U.S. is attempting to push its agenda to censor all GMO labeling of foods everywhere around the world. This would result in a global GMO cover-up as consumers are left in the dark about whether their foods and grocery products are genetically modified or not. more...

Could the UK economy really move back into recession?

All of the political parties have this week warned to some extent about the risk of recession in the UK if they're competitors are voted in later this week. The Conservative party believes that the Labour Party will spend, spend and spend again while the Labour Party is accusing the Conservatives of taking money out of the economy and risking a slowdown in activity. The Liberal Democrat party is somewhere in the middle and accusing both the Labour Party and the Conservative party of reckless policies in the short term. more...

Two British Soldiers Die In Afghanistan

Two British soldiers from the same regiment have been killed in separate incidents in Afghanistan as a third soldier killed on Sunday is named by the Ministry of Defence. more...

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