Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Public notice: GSF releases Finality of Settlement Part II - A Memorandum of Law and Economics

The founders and trustees of the Global Settlement Foundation (GSF) have released the Finality of Settlement Part II on the GSF website. It lays out the facts of law, crimes against humanity, and extreme fraud. It will be served upon key de-facto world leaders as well as to those who are in charge of producing wealth. It is now on the public record worldwide. Feel free to mirror and distribute the PDF and this notice under the Rayservers Licence. more

David Cameron is UK's new prime minister

BBC- Conservative leader David Cameron is the new UK prime minister after the resignation of Gordon Brown.

Mr Cameron, 43, is in Downing Street after travelling to Buckingham Palace to formally accept the Queen's request to form the next government. more

UK Economy May Be Allowed To Crash And Burn Like US Banking Giant

Prison Planet- Leading financial analysts and economists have warned that Britain may crash and burn following the European bailout of Greece, comparing the situation to that of Lehman Brothers following the rescue of Bear Stearns in 2008. more

World Health Organization Moving Ahead on Billions in Internet and Other Taxes

Fox News- The World Health Organization is moving full speed ahead with a controversial plan to impose billions of dollars in global consumer taxes on such things as Internet activity and everyday financial transactions like paying bills online — while its spending soars and its own financial house is in disarray. more

E.U. Greece. PIGS Bailout Means the Death of Capitalism

Market Oracle-Was it only last week I was expressing outrage that US taxpayers would have to pick up the check for Greek profligacy in the form of IMF guarantees? This morning we wake to up the sound of $250 BILLION in IMF guarantees for a European rescue fund, most of which will go to countries that are eventually (in my opinion) going to default. That is $50 billion in US taxpayer guarantees. Not sure what that translates into for Britain or Canada or Australia. more

Britain’s Hung Politics: The Death Throes of Parliamentary Democracy

Global Research- Despite the seeming ongoing ambiguity in the wake of the British national elections, one thing is clear: the spectrum of British polity has now officially shrunk to a meaningless, narrow band of monochrome politics, where the majority of citizens have no choice or influence on any important areas of policy. Democracy is being expropriated from the electorate. more

Acid attacker jailed for 30 years

An acid attacker who left a 25-year-old man severely disfigured in a horrific plot to avenge his family's "dishonour" has been jailed for 30 years.

Mohammed Vakas was found guilty by an Old Bailey jury of plotting to murder Awais Akram.

The victim was targeted because of his intimate relationship with Sadia Khatoon, 24, a married businesswoman he had met on Facebook, the court heard.

When her husband, Shakeel Abassi, and Vakas, her brother, found out about it, they got her to lure Mr Akram out of his flat to the scene of the attack.

There the victim was beaten and stabbed before Vakas poured concentrated sulphuric acid over his head, leaving him with 47% burns and fighting for his life.


Motorist returns to find yellow lines painted either side of her car - and a parking ticket



A baffled motorist was left fuming after returning to her parked car to find double yellow lines painted either side of it - and a parking ticket slapped on the windscreen.

Bungling parking officials fined June Williams yesterday despite road markings only being painted round her vehicle after she had parked.

Debt collector Mrs Williams, 58, said she has parked in the same spot on Mondays and Tuesdays near work in Wolverhampton for 18 months.




Breaking News; Champagne corks popping at UKNN HQ

UKNN- After a rollercoaster ride of hope(Con victory) replaced with dread(hung parliament), replaced again with hope(Lib/Con talks) and then again with dread(Lib/Lab talks) we return again to hope(Lib/Con talks).

Browns out, packing his bags, labour are admitting defeat. Cameron will be in No 10 soon. Champagne corks are popping.

Hospital worker who saved 60 fish from drained ornamental pond 'faces prosecution and £1,000 fine'

Daily Mail-A hospital worker who rescued 60 fish from their ornamental pond when it was being drained has claimed he is facing prosecution and a £1,000 fine.

Clive Roberts saved the fish in an act of mercy by scooping them into a bucket to move them to his own garden pond. more

Breaking News: Gold Hits ALL TIME Highs

Gold has just hit $1223.90, a new all time high and is trading at all time highs in GBP at £822.20

Breaking News: Lib/Lab coalition off, Lib/Con coalition talks resume.

According to reports from the BBC and SKY News too many Labour Backbench MP's are opposed to a Lib/Lab coalition to make it viable. A Lib/Con coalition now seems most likely.

'We Will Have Even More Crises in the Future'

Der Spiegel- First came the real estate crisis. Then the financial system melted down. And now, skyrocketing public debt is threatening entire countries. Star economist Nouriel Roubini tells SPIEGEL that more crises will come and go before world leaders agree on true reform. He says breaking up huge banks would be a good place to start. more

Atmospheric Scientist Slaps Down warmists: There is 'no scientific evidence that burning of fossil fuel is responsible for climate change

Climate Depot- Until today there is no scientific evidence that the increase of the globally averaged near-surface temperature by less than one Kelvin during the last 160 years (see HadCRUT3 data) can be linked to the increase of the atmospheric concentrations of so-called greenhouse gases. The notion "heat-trapping" is unphysical and does not describe the radiative processes taking place within the atmosphere. more

European Banks Now Feverishly Betting Against Euro, As Bailout Fails, Gold Surges

Zero Hedge- Zero Hedge has received confirmation that several of the largest French banks are now actively shorting the euro to take advantage of globalized moral hazard, which with every ensuing bailout does nothing but make the bonuses of French FX traders surge. In other words, the very banks that Europe is bailing out are betting more and more aggressively with each passing day against Europe's own survival! more

Record levels of long-term unemployment in US

WSWS- Despite the pronouncements by the Obama administration and the news media of a supposed economic recovery, unemployment, and particularly long-term joblessness, continues to inflict immense suffering on tens of millions of workers and their families in the US. At present some 15 million workers are officially unemployed, including one out of every five men between the ages of 25 and 54. more

The Financial Oligarchy Reigns: Democracy’s Death Spiral From Greece to the United States

Amped Status- Democracy throughout the world is under attack. Many people can make the argument that our democracy here in America is only an illusion, but even the illusion of democracy is crashing down. Tragedies are currently playing out across the world on an epic scale. Unprecedented economic and environmental catastrophes have become the norm. Billions of people, the overwhelming majority of humanity, have been sentenced to a slow death due to a concentration of wealth and resources within humanity’s economic top 0.5%. Ultimately, short-sighted greed has proven to be humanity’s most severe disease. more

The men who are trying to steal Britain's election: How Mandelson and Campbell persuaded Brown to quit to kill Clegg deal with Cameron

Daily Mail-Two of Labour's most notorious spin doctors were today revealed as the key architects behind the shadowy deal that removed Gordon Brown as Labour leader and potentially killed off David Cameron's bid for No10.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson and Tony Blair's former communications chief Alastair Campbell hatched the last-ditch plan to keep the Tories out of power by assembling a 'coalition of the losers'. more

Liberal Democrats behaving like 'every harlot in history', says David Blunkett

Telegraph- Britain's third party is looking forward to "crunch time" as it is poised to decide the make-up of the next Government.

However, while senior Conservatives described Mr Clegg's behaviour as "sordid", former Labour home secretary David Blunkett compared him with a "harlot". more

How safe is the UK AAA credit rating?

Guardian- Why are markets so worried about a hung parliament? Why the rush to cut the deficit? What does it all mean for financial markets? more

Banks go into reverse as EU euphoria wears off

Guardian- As the euphoria of the €750bn EU bailout wears off, yesterday's biggest gainers are today's biggest fallers, that is, the banks and the miners. more

Cap-and-Trade Is Back

American Thinker- The House bill imposes oppressive limits on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and establishes a complex cap-and-trade scheme in which the federal government determines how much CO2 a business may emit. If a business exceeds its allowance, it may purchase additional "carbon credits" from an exchange, where the credits will be traded like a commodity. more

Bankers become MPs in new Parliament

Telegraph- One in 10 new MPs has previously worked in financial services, ranging from investment banking and accounting to fund management, according to a report by the Madano Partnership.

With British banks facing a radical shake-up, no less than three former directors of Barclays Bank will be sitting in Westminster. more


My Catbird Seat- First we are told opium and heroin are financing world terrorism, then General McChrystal tells us that we have to allow the harvest to be finished, processed into 65 billion dollars of heroin and shipped out on rendition flights and American Global Hawk UAV aircraft for distribution around the world.

I was surprised to hear the “rumor” that our massive Global Hawk UAVs that fly at 80 thousand feet were being loaded with drugs in Balochistan and flown around the world. Prior to that, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds had only told us of drug trafficking on rendition flights. more

Hung Parliament Disaster for Britain, Liberal Democrats Holding Country to Ransom

Market Oracle- Brit's are starting to wake up to the reality of what hung parliaments mean which is that voters see what they voted for on the basis of party manifestos at the General Election being stripped out of parties programme's for government to result in a mish mash of weak sludge as coalition governments slowly take form in secret smoke filled rooms. more

David Miliband favourite to be new Labour leader

David Miliband emerged as early favourite to take over from Gordon Brown as the next Labour leader, according to bookmakers.

The Foreign Secretary is the front-runner in the Labour leadership contest with the bookmakers Paddy Power, William Hill and Ladbrokes.

William Hill said they had received more than 25 bets, each worth more than £1,000, on who the next Labour leader would be within hours of Mr Brown's announcement. More....

RBS blames EU for new wave of UK job cuts

Telegraph- Royal Bank of Scotland has blamed the European Union for forcing it to cut 2,600 jobs, mainly from its insurance business, which the bank is under pressure to sell from EU officials. more

A Lib-Lab coalition will herald Government of the unstable by the unstable

Telegraph- The markets jumped for joy on Monday on hopes of a bail-out for Europe and a deal between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats. Today I expect they will have a seizure. more

UK retail sales drop 2.3% in April

UTalk Marketing- Retail sales dropped by 2.3% as the UK due to an early Easter and the UK’s pre-election nerves, according to the latest figures from the British Retail Consortium and analyst KPMG.

It is thought to be the sharpest fall in sales figures since December 2008, when the country was still deep in recession. more

Peak Water

Moderate Voice- We have been hearing more about Peak Oil recently after years of denial But there is a crisis coming even sooner involving the most precious resource, absolutely vital to life — water. more

Global warming: The final century powered by fossil fuels

Examiner- There is no doubt that the 21st Century will be the last century powered by fossil fuels. The vigorous debate going on right now is whether the transition will occur at a rapid or leisurely pace--but there's no doubt that it will happen within the lifetimes of many of you who read these words. more

"I don't read Spy Blog anymore, it frightens me too much !" - the prospect of another Labour government terrifies us

Spy Blog- The prospect of Gordon Brown and his Labour careerist henchmen still clinging on to power and inflicting their authoritarian Kafkaesque bureaucracy, Orwellian doublethink and technological incompetence on us, is terrifying and must be resisted. more

Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate Power

Prison Planet-American taxpayers have been freshly liberated of hundreds of billions more dollars as part of the IMF’s new bailout package which is principally going straight to European banks, in addition to the Federal Reserve program to ship U.S. dollars to Europe, in a move that represents little more than a desperate effort to save the Euro and rescue the credibility of economic global governance. more

Oil spill swells to 4M gallons

Yahoo News- ON THE GULF OF MEXICO – Black Hawk helicopters peppered Louisiana's barrier islands with 1-ton sacks of sand Monday to bolster the state's crucial wetlands against the epic Gulf of Mexico oil spill — 4 million gallons and growing. more

Iran – The innocent victim of US/UK/NATO aggression

Palestine Telegraph- We have talked about the intended mass genocide of millions of people in all the current and past areas of conflict namely: The Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen and Somalia. more


Express-THE pound fell within seconds of Gordon Brown’s announcement that Labour was trying to do a deal with the Liberal Democrats.

Analysts warned of a “nightmare scenario” in the financial markets if Mr Brown made an attempt to stay in powe. more

Israel primed for war on Iran: Netanyahu deputy

Reuters-Israel is primed for a war on Iran, a deputy to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, in a rare break with his government's reticence as world powers try to talk Tehran into curbing its nuclear plans. more

Using Alleged Terrorism To Escalate War And Homeland Repression

Rense-Much about the New York bomb incident is worrisome, besides the media already pronouncing sentence, biasing future jurors to convict or face the wrath of public opinion, their communities, friends and even family. more

Stock Market Manic Monday - Just Another Another Trillion Dollars for the Bankster's!

Phil Stock World- I mean really - how much money did you lend Greece? Perhaps you wrote Spain a check? France??? Well, you did now! $220Bn of that money came from the IMF and 20% of the IMF’s money comes from the USA as we once again paper over the global financial crisis for another month or two - whatever respite $1,000,000,000,000 buys us these days… more

Pound plunges against the dollar as markets express horror at Lib-Lab coalition talks

Daily Mail- Financial markets reacted with horror yesterday at the prospect of a Labour coalition with the Liberal Democrats and other minor parties.
The pound - which had initially rallied in the hope of deal between the Tories and Lib Dems - started to dip at the moment Gordon Brown began to speak yesterday afternoon. more

Pound slides on Labour coalition talks with Lib Dems

Telegraph-Sterling dropped by more than a cent against the dollar, while the euro gained a penny against the pound, after Gordon Brown's unexpected announcement that he will manage negotiations with the Lib Dems before standing aside as Labour leader. more

Killing The Food Supply: The Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

Dprogram- Genetically modified food has entered the food supply through secrecy and deception. Some claimed that genetically modifying the food supply could even put an end to world hunger. At first glance, genetic modification really does look like a great idea. It allows for larger crops, enhanced growing seasons, and even bigger animals. The truth of the matter is that genetically modified food has been shown to sterilize the population, lead to infant mortality, and exacerbate the usage of pesticides on a global scale. more

Gordon Brown's last great con trick

Guardian-We have just witnessed Gordon Brown's last and most audacious confidence trick. "Gordon Brown to resign", says the TV newsflash: but the story is the very opposite. Brown is staying on, saying – pretty much – that it will take an SAS operation to get him out of No 10 before the autumn. more

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