Monday, 14 June 2010

New Direction- New Blog

From ukws

For those of you that have followed this blog and it's predecessor ukwebspider I must apologise for the distinct drop off in posts in recent weeks. Things have happened recently that have challenged my world view.

When I first started ukws last year and even the uknewsnetwork, 3 months ago, we lived in the halcion days of a booming stock market, promises of 'green shoots' and relatively few immediate dangers.

All that has changed.

Anyone following the gulf oil disaster will know it is going to change the world forever.

Anyone following the flotilla crisis will know that more ships are coming and confrontation, even war, is on the horizon.

Anyone following the 'Iran problem' must know that a military strike is now highly likely and with it the onset of ww3.

And anyone following the continuing economic collapse must realise what will soon unfold.

The World is changing my friends and not for the better.

I'm no longer interested in provincial politics and irrelevent stories of 'over-bearing' councils and H&S departments gone crazy. These things are irrelevent when there are so many greater problems and disasters unfolding. The UK blogosphere has lost my interest- too much focus on irrelevent stories, little real analysis, few warnings of what is now happening in the world.

I'm abandoning the blog and starting another called 'the crisis report' where I will focus on those things that really matter; Economic Collapse, Peak Oil, the New World Order, Middle East War, The Gulf Oil Disaster etc with a special emphasis on how to survive what is now unfolding.

I will need a few days to set it up and for those of you that want to keep in touch I'll post the link here.
I also want to set up a forum where those of you that realise what is happening and are trying to prepare can discuss events and strategy.

The new blog will be better than this one as I will be freed from the constraints of reporting everything that might affect the UK and instead I can post those things that really matter on a global scale.

The world's changing- things are getting much worse- and rapidly.

The new blog won't be pretty and it won't be for the faint hearted but if you want to know whats really going on in the world- stop by sometime.

Stay informed. Stay Alert. Keep in touch.


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