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The task facing British workers

WSWS- Workers in Britain face the biggest struggles in generations against a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition set on imposing budget cuts, the likes of which have not been seen since the 1930s. more

Tax rises could prompt 'fire sale' of second homes and shares

Telegraph- A 'fire sale' of second-homes, shares and fine art is expected as investors try to beat widely-expected leaps in capital gains tax (CGT) and VAT. more

The "War on Terrorism" for Oil: Folly of the Imperial Oil Adventure. Tolling Bells for Humanity

Global Research- Faced with the end of the age of oil and systemic collapse, the leaders of the Anglo-American empire have engaged in increasingly violent and transparently futile zero-sum games to salvage what is left of a corrupt governmental and economic milieu. more

Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks

The Register- Loveable Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called his first few thousand users "dumb fucks" for trusting him with their data, published IM transcripts show. Facebook hasn't disputed the authenticity of the transcript.more

FDA: Pig Virus OK for human vaccine!

Reuters- Rotavirus vaccines made by GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Merck & Co Inc are safe to use despite being contaminated with a pig virus, U.S. health regulators ruled on Friday. more

Landmark study set to show potential dangers of heavy mobile phone use

Telegraph- A landmark study will include some evidence that those who regularly hold long conversations on handsets are at increased risk of developing potentially fatal brain tumours. more

Revealed: The very unappetising truth about McDonald's chicken meals (Jamie Oliver, look away now)

Daily Mail- A chicken squats in a shed the size of a football pitch somewhere in the outback of Brazil. And it's not alone.

One of tens of thousands, each bird is allowed the floor space equivalent to a sheet of A4 paper and will live for just 40 days before it hits its genetically-engineered slaughter weight. That's if it doesn't perish along the way.
Five per cent or so will be unable to cope with the conditions and die even before then.
Those that survive will be plucked and butchered in an industrial process the like of which this planet has never before seen. more

U.S. Government Can Execute Its Own Citizens With No Judicial Process And Based On Secret Intelligence

New York Times- The Obama administration’s decision to authorize the killing by the Central Intelligence Agency of a terrorism suspect who is an American citizen has set off a debate over the legal and political limits of drone missile strikes, a mainstay of the campaign against terrorism. more

Has The World Had Enough Of Governments?......Market Has!....

Market Oracle- When Governments start to intervene on everything maybe it's time for them to stop. Maybe the stock market is sending a message that it has had enough of their constant interference. The Government is trying to make the world pay for others discretions. How many more taxes can they create so we can pay for their bail outs for those who deserve to fail? How many innocent people have to lose their jobs because the Government puts undue tax burdens on corporate America and corporations around the world that will force these corporations to fire employees? At what point does the pot runeth over and we have more than we asked for? Will there be blood on the streets? Riots such as those that we saw in Greece right here in our back yards! more

Tension Rises In UK -EU Relatiosnhip Over Euro Bailout And Hedge Fund Regulation

E Gov Monitor- Tension Rises In UK -EU Relatiosnhip Over Euro Bailout And Hedge Fund Regulation.more

Google admits harvesting Wi-Fi data with Street View cars

V3- Google has admitted that it has been recording data transmissions on Wi-Fi networks using its Street View cars.

In a blog posting Alan Eustace, senior vice president of Engineering and Research explained that while Google routinely collected some wireless information in the cars, such as network names, it appeared for the last four years it had also been collecting payload data from open Wi-Fi points. more

VAT should be imposed on food and children's clothes, says IMF

Telegraph- David Cameron should use this summer's emergency Budget to raise VAT on a host of excluded products, including food and children's clothes, the International Monetary Fund signalled yesterday. more

The Vicious Circle of Debt and Depression

Aletho News- Never before has so much debt been imposed on so many people by so few financial operatives—operatives who work from Wall Street, the largest casino in history, and a handful of its junior counterparts around the world, especially Europe. more...

Woman charged with attempted murder of Labour MP

A woman was charged today with the attempted murder of Labour MP Stephen Timms, who was stabbed during a constituency surgery in east London.

Unemployed Roshonara Choudhary, 21, will appear before Stratford Magistrates’ Court on Monday.


Genetically Modified Foods: 80% of What’s In Your Grocery Cart

The Doctor Within- “As a scientist, actively working in the field[of GMO] I find that it is very, very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs.”
– Arpad Pusztai, PhD

Since the 1990s world agriculture and food production has undergone the most radical transformation in history. With very little public awareness, in just a few short years genetically modified foods have come to dominate both global agriculture and supermarket shelf space. more

Finance 202: How We Became Debt Slaves and learned to love it

Info Clearing House-Who is in charge of these United States?

If you guess that it’s the people with the money, then you are correct. Not the elected representatives of the people. Not the men and women in uniform, not the factory workers, or farmers, or teachers, or bus drivers and pilots. Just the guys and gals with the moneybags. more

Pakistani Taliban say America will "burn"

Yahoo News- Pakistani Taliban militants have warned America that it will soon "burn" while calling for Pakistan's rulers to be overthrown for following "America's agenda". more

Cartwright: Expect war for 5-10 more years

Army Times-For the next “five to 10 years,” the military likely will remain engaged in the same kinds of conflicts it has been fighting since 2001, said Marine Corps Gen. James Cartwright.

The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs on Thursday told a conference in Washington that “no one I know thinks we’ll be out of” these kinds of conflicts any time soon.

10 Reasons to Be Alarmed About Our Catastrophic Oil Addiction

Alternet- War, terrorism, economic instability -- these are just a few of the reasons to be concerned about our addiction to oil. Here's a list of 10 reasons to be concerned. more

US faces one of biggest budget crunches in world – IMF

Telegraph-Earlier this week, the Bank of England Governor, Mervyn King, irked US authorities by pointing out that even the world’s economic superpower has a major fiscal problem -“even the United States, the world’s largest economy, has a very large fiscal deficit” were his words. They were rather vague, but by happy coincidence the International Monetary Fund has chosen to flesh out the issue today. Unfortunately this is a rather long post with a few chunky tables, but it is worth spending a bit of time with – the IMF analysis is fascinating. more


Express-MOTORISTS face a relentless rise in petrol prices while European drivers enjoy falling fuel costs.

Unleaded soared to a record average high of 121.6p a litre this week and experts warn that it could rocket to 130p within months in Britain’s great petrol pump rip-off. more

Police loading up on military technology

Vancouver Sun- From New York and London to the mountains of Afghanistan, the gizmos used by special forces and police to try to solve terrifying dilemmas such as these are increasingly similar, a trend driven in part by security companies seeking new markets.

While the crossover of gadgetry between military and civilian authorities is not new, its greatly expanded scale and variety is. Some emerging technologies with such dual use, according to industry executives, include: more

New terror monitors: parking attendants

MSNBC-LAS VEGAS - Parking attendants and meter maids could be the nation's latest line of defense against terrorist attacks.

A new government program aims to train thousands of parking industry employees nationwide to watch for and report anything suspicious — abandoned cars, for example, or people hanging around garages, taking photographs or asking unusual questions. more

Mervyn King: "World's Worst Financial Crisis Ever"

Washingtons Blog- Bank of England Governor Mervyn King says:
We are still halfway through the world's worst financial crisis ever.He is in good company.The following experts have said that the economic crisis could be worse than the Great Depression: more

Debt Crisis and the Euro Blood Bath, ConDem Death Embrace

Market Oracle- The coalition government parties have publically locked themselves into a 5 year death embrace. They had no choice, as their honey moon period will soon evaporate as the government has no choice but to implement swinging spending cuts and mega-tax rises such as VAT to 20% to fill the 25% black hole between what the government spends and what it earns in revenue which will soon ensure that the ConDem government is destined to become the most hated government of the past 50 years! more

£1,200 tax shock for Middle England: How families will bear brunt of new coalition's drive to slash Britain's deficit

Daily Mail- Middle-class families face a bill of up to £1,200 a year under the Government's plans to slash the deficit.
Rises in national insurance, the loss of tax credits and what experts say is an inevitable rise in VAT are all set to hit them the hardest. more

NATO In Afghanistan: World War In One Country

Stop NATO- Since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization took control of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan in 2003 the amount of troops serving under that command has grown from 5,000 to over 100,000.

There are currently 134,000 foreign troops in the nation counting U.S. soldiers serving separately with Operation Enduring Freedom, although the aggregate number is to reach 150,000 by the summer and most American troops not now under NATO command will soon be. There are 47,000 troops from NATO member and partner countries in the nation. more

European Council On Foreign Relations: EU Needs To Use Crisis For Greater Power

Dprogram- Several more autocratic international voices have added their weight behind proposals to vastly empower the EU with greater authority to govern over nation states in Europe, in the wake of the sovereign debt crisis. Meanwhile, one leading commentator has described the move as “fiscal fascism”. more

Big Brother wants to watch you more closely. Especially how you spend your money.

OC Register- The bill sets up two new supersnooping federal agencies to collect data on ordinary Americans: more

Autistic Boy Charged With Making Terrorist Threats Over Stick-Figure Sketch

Fox News- A fourteen-year-old autistic boy is facing terrorist charges after a sketch he made in school.

The sketch shows two stick-figures. One of them is labeled ‘Me’ and is shown shooting a gun at another with a teacher’s name above it. more

Detroit to destroy 10,000 houses

Wall St Journal- DETROIT—Wrecking crews are preparing to tear down a landmark 5,000-square-foot house in the posh neighborhood of Palmer Woods in the coming weeks, a sign that Detroit is finally getting serious about razing thousands of vacant and abandoned structures across the city. more

Euro Breakup Talk Increases as Germany Loses Proxy

Bloomberg- The consequences are an 860 billion-euro ($1 trillion) bill for a debt binge led by Greece, sagging confidence in the European Central Bank’s independence and mounting speculation that a currency designed to last forever might break apart. more

Obama’s torture loophole

Aletho News- What’s the difference between a US-military-run detention facility and an intelligence gathering facility? For one thing, Red Cross officials are being prevented from seeing how prisoners are treated when held at Bagram’s intelligence gathering facility. Is that so that they can be tortured in secret?

Two days after taking office, Barack Obama signed an executive order banning torture. The era of secret detention facilities and CIA-administered waterboarding were over. Or so we thought. more

Euro: The Worst is Yet To Come

Safe Haven- The austerity measures, pledged in return for 110 billion euros ($139.7 billion) in emergency aid from the European Union and International Monetary Fund, are expected to keep the economy in recession through 2011."The IMF will not stop thirsting for workers' blood," said Yannis Panagopoulos, chairman of Greece's main private sector labor union GSEE. "Its recipes are a disaster and the government must turn them down." more

The Road To Destruction

Safe Haven- For years numerous writers and advisers have been predicting that some form of great reckoning was coming. (The Great Reckoning was a book by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Moog.) The premise is that every credit-led expansion in recorded history has ended in a dramatic "credit crunch" and economic catastrophe. more

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