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New World Order News- 3rd Week of April 2010

Somali pirates move hostage Britons



Militants from Somalia's al-Qaida-linked insurgent group have moved into the northern region where Somali pirates operate, forcing the gang that is holding a kidnapped British couple to flee, a self-proclaimed pirate chieftain and residents said.

Paul and Rachel Chandler were bundled into a car early on Monday after militants neared the town of Haradhere, said Maslah Yare, who leads the pirate gang that is holding the Chandlers............

SNP raises funds for TV debate challenge against BBC

(Reuters) - The Scottish National Party (SNP) said on Monday it had raised the 50,000 pounds needed to launch a legal challenge against the BBC over its exclusion from the live televised leaders' debates.


Eco-terrorists 'plot to blow up IBM headquarters' thwarted in routine traffic stop

A routine traffic-stop in Switzerland has allegedly thwarted eco-terrorists from blowing up the site of the £55million nano-technology HQ of IBM in Europe.

The three members – two men and a woman – of the Italian terrorist group Il Silvestre were stopped just a few miles from their target with their explosive device primed and ready to go.

Italians Costantino Ragusa and Silvia Guerini, together with Italian-Swiss Luca Bernasconi, were arrested and jailed after a search of their vehicle revealed the bomb.


Get Ready: Here's Everything You Need To Know About Tomorrow's HUGE Goldman Hearings

Tomorrow, the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations will convene in Washington to discuss a year-and-a-half long investigation into the causes and consequences of the financial crisis.

Goldman Sachs will be used as a "case study" and the Senators will ask the firm how investment banks brought the modern economy to its knees.


1.1 Million Illegal Immigrants Have Invaded Britain, New Report Reveals

A new study by think tank MigrationwatchUK has revealed that there are in excess of 1.1 million illegal immigrants in Britain and that the figure could easily be as high as 2.2 million or more.

According to the report, titled “The Illegal Migrant Population in the UK,” previous estimates of illegal immigrants have seriously underestimated the scale of illegal entry and those who overstay their visas.

“A more plausible estimate for illegal immigrants in the UK would be 1.1 million. If they were granted an amnesty their relatives and dependants would have the right to enter Britain, approximately doubling the numbers concerned,” the report said.


America's Impending Master Class Dictatorship

Thanks to the endless barrage of feel-good propaganda that daily assaults the American mind, best epitomized a few months ago by the “green shoots,” everything’s-coming-up-roses propaganda touted by Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, the citizens have no idea how disastrous the country’s fiscal, monetary and economic problems truly are. Nor do they perceive the rapidly increasing risk of a totalitarian nightmare descending upon the American Republic.

One stark and sobering way to frame the crisis is this: if the United States government were to nationalize (in other words, steal) every penny of private wealth accumulated by America’s citizens since the nation’s founding 235 years ago, the government would remain totally bankrupt.


Health trusts plan thousands of job cuts by stealth, nurses warn

Health trusts are planning to cut thousands of staff "by stealth" to deliver £20bn of "NHS efficiencies", according to a survey by the Royal College of Nursing. Labour reacted by promising that there would be more jobs in the health service at the end of the next Brown administration if it wins the election.

The move comes as Gordon Brown addresses the RCN's four-day annual conference today. More than 4,000 nurses have gathered in Bournemouth for the event, which is expected to be dominated by NHS finances.

The nurses' union has been riled by a warning from Sir David Nicholson, the chief executive of the health service, that up to £20bn of savings will have to be found by 2014.


Labour withdraws 'sick’ David Cameron poster

On the night of the televised foreign affairs debate, Labour published as the main image on its official website a photomontage of the Tory leader pushing a wheelchair in which William Hague was seated.

Their faces were pasted on the bodies of two characters from the popular BBC comedy series Little Britain. “They’ll turn Great Britain into Little Britain,” says the caption. “Under the Tories, Britain would have less influence on the world stage.”

Mandrake understands that party officials removed the image from the website after
they received complaints about its tastelessness.


The Imminent Crash Of The Oil Supply

The supply of the world's most essential energy source is going off a cliff. Not in the distant future, but in a year and a half. Production of all liquid fuels, including oil, will drop within 20 years to half what it is today. And the difference needs to be made up with "unidentified projects," which one of the world's leading petroleum geologists says is just a "euphemism for rank shortage," and the world's foremost oil industry banker says is "faith based."


Europe human rights body calls on Britain to introduce total ban on smacking

Britain is being pressured by the Council of Europe to introduce a total ban on smacking children.
The UK is one of the few countries in the world not to have completely banned smacking, the Council of Europe has said.
It blamed the delay on a traditional British parent-child relationship based on 'authority', and on British resistance to the state meddling in family affairs.

Now the human rights body is turning up the heat with a demand for a complete ban on all smacking and corporal punishment of children


Greek meltdown in danger of spreading

GERMANY, France and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) must act quickly to bail out Greece to prevent a slide in confidence in financial markets, Alistair Darling said yesterday.

“It’s absolutely imperative that the IMF, the euro group and Greece sort this out,” said the chancellor, attending the spring meetings of the IMF and World Bank in Washington.


UK News Weekly Video.

Here's the first attempt at the weekly news video. A bit of a rush job but you'll get the idea I'll do a proper one at the end of the week.
It only takes an hour and I spent most of the time trying to find a suitably haunting audio accompaniment and eventually settled on Barber's Di Aggio for Strings as it's copyright free.( anyone know of a better tune?)

I'm going to do 2 a week -one will be a UK news video(can anyone think of better title than the bland one I came up with?) and a weekly 'New World Order News' video which will deal with global news.

I'm hoping that people that view the video will check out this site, which will hopefully be a gateway to the excellent sites run by my esteemed friends in the blogroll. That's the (new) plan anyway.

let me know what you think


And Now for my next Trick

Blogs changed again-alas. It's for specific reasons. I've given up on trying to create a uk news website as there isn't enough interest, never mind. So instead I'm going to start making a weekly uk news video for youtube, which will be a montage/collection of the important headlines of the week and I'm going to embed the blogs site address on it.

Hence the blogs changes. It need's to be more visually interesting and the blogroll needs to be more interesting too.

Postings are going to change also- I'm going to put the headline in the headline box so they show up on a google search and include a picture too(like this one). I'm also starting to contribute on the DotConnectors blog and it will mean I can simply copy over the entire html entry for each post, this will mean there will be fewer posts as I'm going to go for quality over quantity. The site will still be UK orientated and the general theme and type of posts won't change.

Everybody and anybody are still welcome to post on the site.


Toddler flu vaccine death to be investigated
The Queensland Coroner plans to investigate the death of a two year-old-girl who died earlier this month, after receiving the flu vaccine.

On Friday the Australia's chief medical officer Professor Jim Bishop issued a nationwide ban on flu shots for children under five. His announcement came came after more than 20 children suffered severe side effects from the vaccine in Western Australia.

Do you know where your internet freedom is?
Here's a sobering repost from Above Top Secret that I fully endorse and wholeheartedly agree with. The question is, what do we do now.

Greek domino topples; Rest of the “PIIGS” next!
In the bond market, it’s been anything BUT quiet. In fact, the first major sovereign debt domino toppled this past week — in Greece.

The Mediterranean nation is buried under a massive load of debts and deficits, and the numbers are shocking

Nurses 'to bear the brunt of NHS cuts' as thousands face the sack after the election
Thousands of doctors and nurses face the sack after the election under devastating cuts being planned by NHS bureaucrats, according to two studies.
Despite repeated promises from Labour ministers to safeguard patient care, front-line staff look set to bear the brunt of a Whitehall diktat that the NHS slash its budgets by billions of pounds

Kevin Rudd’s e-Health bill paves the way for PositiveID human implantable RFID microchips
From July 1st every single Australian will be branded with a unique, 1.16 digit identification number courtesy of Medicare Australia in accordance with Kevin Rudd’s new e-health revolution.

Maastricht madhouse fuels EMU-wide contagion from Greece
If the chief purpose behind the EU-IMF bail-out for Greece – or for banks exposed to Greece – is to prevent a "full-blown and contagious sovereign debt crisis", the market verdict must be a sobering surprise

Failed German Bond Auction: An Evil Portent?
WHAT IF THEY GAVE a bond auction and nobody came?
That is the ultimate doomsday scenario with the unprecedented fiscal deficits around the world -- that governments' credit lines could run out and they couldn't raise the cash they needed in the bond markets. At that point, after bailing out banks that had faced the same dilemma, who's there to bail out the governments?

Is the Bank Tax a Major Step Toward World Government?
Finance ministers and central bank governors are in Washington D.C. this weekend for a G-20 meeting, in preparation for the G-20 Summit to held in November in South Korea.

We've got to find £100bn in cuts or tax - give thanks we're not in the euro The third and final debate between the party leaders this Thursday focuses on the economy. On the latest evidence, how do things stack up? Last week's GDP figures were undoubtedly a disappointment. The reported increase of 0.2pc in the first quarter was only half what the market expected and it was well below the increase of 0.4pc recorded in the previous quarter. The economy is struggling

Labour's 'secret weapon' Blair makes £350,000 for four hours' work (to top up his £25m fortune)
Nice work if you can get it: Former PM Tony Blair was paid £350,000 for two short speeches in Asia
Tony Blair had just romped through a feelgood lecture to 3,000 would-be millionaires in a vast convention centre near Kuala Lumpur (sample sound-bite: 'Power is shifting east! You guys are at the cutting edge of things here in Malaysia!').

More than 7,000 parents hit by truancy convictions as courts punish soaring levels of school absenteeism
More than 7,000 parents a year are being convicted over their children’s truancy, figures show.

Future Police: Meet the UK's Armed Robot Drones
Police forces all over the UK will soon be able to draw on unmanned aircraft from a national fleet, according to Home Office plans. Last month it was revealed that modified military aircraft drones will carry out surveillance on everyone from protesters and antisocial motorists to fly-tippers, and will be in place in time for the 2012 Olympics.

Surveillance is only the start, however. Military drones quickly moved from reconnaissance to strike, and if the British police follow suit, their drones could be armed – but with non-lethal weapons rather than Hellfire missiles.

MORE than a million people have breached Britain’s chaotic border controls and are living here illegally, according to a shocking study.

Iran slams silence on US nuke threat
Iranian Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani has condemned international human rights groups for remaining tight-lipped on the recent nuclear threat made by the US against the Islamic Republic of Iran

LABOUR is planning to hit families with a pay-as-you-throw “bin tax” while cutting refuse collections to just one a month, Government documents reveal.

Millions of householders already suffer fortnightly collections as half the councils in England have cut their services.

They also face fines of up to £70 for leaving sacks beside bins, putting out refuse too early or in the wrong place, or leaving bin lids open a fraction

Vatican threatens to axe Pope's visit to Britain

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