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I've just been invited to join this new dynamic on line news service and would like to introduce myself. I shall attempt to bring you up to date news from the South East regional papers. Please bear with me as I'm new to cross blogging.

I feel in the main that we need to highlight what the MSM won't cover. there are a lot of stories out there that need to be covered. Remember the women fined for feeding the ducks?


The Filthy Engineer

LORD Mandelson has launched a bitter fightback against the Tories after David Cameron's election bid was given a huge boost with 23 business leaders pledging their support to the Tories.

Council Fat Cat Bosses Get More Cream Whilst Council Workers Face Unemployment
measures demand the sacking of tens of thousands of public sector workers, it seems perverse that the number of council employees earning six-figure salaries should have risen by 14 per cent.

Drinking alcohol is unlikely to have any health benefits, say cancer experts

MOST people like a bit of alcohol, so it's natural to tune in to reports about its benefits

New Documentary Exposes Move Towards Totalitarian World Government
Film maker Jason Bermas has collected a truly monumental amount of video archive and document material to render completely obsolete claims that the agenda of today’s ruling elite is not the open move towards a global totalitarian world government which will be run to the detriment of the people in the self-interests of the tiny ruling class that sit atop the power pyramid.

Nigel Farage - Eurocrats, the quiet assassins of Europe

Alex welcomes back to the show Nigel Farage, British politician, former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, and member of the European Parliament for the South East. Farage faces an official reprimand by the European Parliament for criticizing its president Herman Van Rompuy on Wednesday.

From MaSteRKuSH010

Obama's Private Army now law. Hidden in health care bill

Remember Obama saying that we need a "civilian army that is just as well trained and funded as the military"? Well, here it is. Tucked away in the middle of the over 2,000 page health care monstrosity that nobody in congress bothered to even read.

This is not just an expansion of the National Guard, no. This is a private health corp. that is to be trained by the military and will be under the direct command of the president. This is nothing short of tyranny and fascism, but many of the kool-aid drinkers will find a way to justify and defend this as well, despite the fact that it is in direct violation of the law that their beloved president took oath to uphold.

From anongrey

The Next Phase of the Credit Crunch and What it Means for Gold and Markets
Sovereign governments through their bailouts, stimulus packages and support, have basically become the credit markets. Hence, the one market to watch is the Treasury market. Globally, one should watch various sovereign bond markets. As a result of governments absorbing private debts (and soon to be state and local debts), the global bond market (especially US, UK and Japan) will be the next victim of the credit crunch.

Chancellor refuses to rule out benefits cuts
Chancellor Alistair Darling declined to rule out real-terms cuts to benefits payments this morning after pressure from MPs to explain how he plans to bring down the fiscal deficit.

Gordon Brown silent on Alistair Darling's 'bigger than Thatcher' cuts
Gordon Brown is giving a press conference in Brussels. He was asked whether he agreed with his Chancellor that Labour’s own figures point to bigger cuts in public spending than those made by the first Thatcher government.

This is a transcript of the Prime Minister’s answer:

Labour's spending cuts exposed
Darling has now exposed as false the Brown/Balls dividing line of "investment vs cuts". If Labour were to win, he said, the cuts would be worse than anything seen under Thatcher in the 1980s. This is Darling's problem: he's a dreadful liar. The IFS today laid out the scale of the cuts that would happen whoever wins the election, and the below graph is worth reprinting. Overall spending falls 12 percent (once dole and debt interest are taken into account). So when Darling says this is worse than anything in the 1980s, he is simply stating a fact. You'd never catch Balls or Brown doing that, by the way, and I hope that, when either pop up for interview, they will be asked if they agree with their Chancellor's assessment.

Oil price surges above $85

Sussex council bosses impose pay freeze after double digit salary boost
Council bosses have introduced a pay freeze for themselves this coming financial year after it was revealed some of them enjoyed double digit pay rises during the recession.

For the year 2008-09 West Sussex County Council chief executive Mark Hammond took home at least £220,000 – up from a maximum of £199,999 the previous year.

This represents a minimum pay rise of 10.5%.

UK police AND courts out of control (31Mar10)

A BBC Newsnight investigation into how the police "service" reacted to protesters, and how the judges dealing with the protesters ignored the law, and went completely over the top in sentencing the protesters "to teach people a lesson". This shows just how corrupt the British police "service" and the judges are.. Suppressing evidence, making up crimes that weren't committed, and sentences so severe you'd think people had committed murder or something of that nature.

New Labour have corrupted EVERY single public body, and it is deliberate.

If you are not suitably disturbed and disgusted by this news report, you need your head read.

Recorded from BBC Newsnight, 31 March 2010.

From Liarpoliticians

Codex Alimentarius: Population Control Under the Guise of Consumer Protection
While the esoteric agenda of the media is busy driving fear into the hearts of the world by focusing on terrorism, global warming, salmonella, and food shortages, the real threats are clandestinely becoming a reality. Soon every single thing you put into your mouth (with the exception of pharmaceuticals, of course) will be highly regulated by Codex Alimentarius, including water. The standards of Codex are a complete affront to the freedom of clean and healthy food, yet these regulations have no legal international standing. Why should we be worried? These soon-to-be mandatory standards will apply to every country who are members of the WTO (World Trade Organization). If countries do not follow these standards, then enormous trade sanctions will result. Some Codex standards that will take effect on December 31, 2009 and once initiated are completely irrevocable include

* All nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are to be considered toxins/poisons and are to be removed from all food because Codex prohibits the use of nutrients to "prevent, treat or cure any condition or disease"

* All food (including organic) is to be irradiated, removing all toxic nutrients from food (unless eaten locally and raw).

(to read more click the link above)

FDA approves VeriChip for humans
Not that it will come as a surprise to anyone, but yesterday the FDA approved VeriChip to be marketed for medical purposes. Applied Digital Solutions has created an implantable computer chip to "speed vital information about a patient's medical history to doctors and hospitals." It is simultaneously being heralded as a medical milestone by some and an invasion of privacy by others. Just think of it as an invisible barcode to release information when passed over by specialized scanners. Click here to read the article.

This ought to go nicely with your biometric workers card...

From Campaign for Liberty

Labour MP Confirmed that All Parties Bend Immigration Rules for Money
Channel 4’s recent programme on the “cash for influence” scandal was edited to remove a taped interview with a Labour MP who admitted that she and MPs from other parties took cash to bend immigration rules so Third Worlders could enter Britain.

The shocking revelations — which were deliberately cut out of the final broadcast — have now leaked out.

Sudden Mass American Enlightenment Puzzles Congress and Causes National Security Alert
Washington - President Obama, U.S. congressmen and their aides held an emergency four hour-long meeting Wednesday to decide what action to take to stem a sudden and unprecedented mass enlightenment of the US population that threatens to destabilize the Government and create a fiscal crisis.

Millions of citizens jubilantly celebrated their new awareness as they suddenly realized they have been lied to all their lives on just about everything by their psychopathic, conscienceless leaders of major corporations, government and security agencies.

Police officer caught on video tasering pensioner for speeding... and he gets away with
A policeman who caused outrage by tasering a 72-year-old woman when he stopped her for speeding has been cleared by a grand jury.

BBC's £196k 'reward director' forced to apologise over attempts to disguise salaries of high-earners
A senior BBC executive deliberately tried to disguise the number of its employees earning more than £100,000.

Please, not another Copenhagen
Gordon Brown is part of the UN advisory group that must agree to find the $150bn a year needed to combat climate change

Canada to Surrender its Sovereignty to NWO under proposed law.

Hate cleric on £25k benefits
A FATHER whose soldier son was killed in Afghanistan lashed out last night at the huge state handouts given to rabble-rousing Anjem Choudary.

Australia: leading the western world in web censorship.

The Angry Exile, Upside Down Correspondent

'There's nothing special about the internet,' Aussies are being told by Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy, who for some time has been promoting the idea that Australia should join nations like China, Iran and North Korea in being able to see what citizens and residents can and can't look at online. 'This argument that the internet is some mystical creation that no laws should apply to, that is a recipe for anarchy and the wild west,' says Senator Conroy, for whom child porn and other 'Restricted Classification' material are the reasons Australia needs a filter. Opponents have repeatedly pointed out that those who want to gain access to the RC material will bypass it - as Conroy himself appears to have admitted on at least one occasion - and that since the specific sites and pages being censored will be kept secret from the public the proposed filter could easily be abused by this or a future government to censor legitimate content that it dislikes. This might appeal to many governments of all hues, so perhaps should be filed under the heading of 'coming to a country near you soon'.

A toothless West watches as Japan guts fish stocks

CAMPAIGNERS last night rallied in protest over a pet shop owner who was tagged for selling a goldfish to a boy of 14.

TWO Labour MPs were under pressure to apologise last night over accusations about links between the Conservative Party and Israel.


Left-Wing Icon: America Is Still Headed Towards Fascism Under Obama
When left-wing icon Naomi Wolf warned that America was heading towards fascism under George W. Bush, characterized by illegal surveillance, arbitrary detention of suspects, and paramilitary martial law, she was lauded, but when she continued to issue the same warning as a result of Obama’s failure to reverse any of those policies, many on the left abandoned support for her.

However, as Wolf’s recent interview with leftist website Alternet makes plain, liberals may finally be starting to understand that both political parties in Washington are part of the problem, not the solution.

National rail strike halted by court order

Sterling rises on British manufacturing surge
Sterling rose against the dollar today after a key survey showed that British manufacturing activity expanded at record pace in March, adding to hopes that Britain can sustain economic recovery during the first quarter.

Bond Traders Realize The Greece Bailout Is A Joke

Depressions Last HOW LONG?
My friendly deflationist Jas Jain called the other day to remind me we’re still in a Depression and more downside is likely to come. By his count the Great Depression really lasted almost 20-years – from 1929 to 1949. And he makes a valid point since arguably, the Korean War was a ‘transition war’ which allowed the West to more gradually transition from war machine to consumer goods machine. And since this cycle seems to have peaked out in 2000, neither one of us is very optimistic about how it all works out over coming years of the Second Depression…at least for people who are trying to retain purchasing power of their savings.

Gordon Brown ignored by nine in 10 Labour election candidates
The Prime Minister’s photograph does not appear in 93 per cent of leaflets for Labour’s General Election candidates.

Business leaders hit back at 'patronising' Labour claims on Tory NI plan
Business leaders who backed Conservative plans to scrap National Insurance rises have angrily hit back at "patronising" Labour accusations that they have been deceived

Trial by jury is basis of British justice
There is no better symbol of Labour's contempt for the traditions of law than the absence of a jury in the Heathrow heist case

Is Blogging Useful or a Waste of Time?
Crucial for Spreading Accurate Information

A story that bloggers have bird-dogged for many months, gaining so much traction that the mainstream media is finally forced to cover it.

Rendition and the "Global War on Terrorism": 28 Nations Have Supported the US in the Detention and Torture of "Suspects"
Twenty-eight nations have cooperated with the U.S. to detain in their prisons, and sometimes to interrogate and torture, suspects arrested as part of the U.S. “War on Terror.”

The complicit countries have kept suspects in prisons ranging from public interior ministry buildings to “safe house” villas in downtown urban areas to obscure prisons in forests to “black” sites to which the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) has been denied access.

Behind the Talks: US-NATO Prepare Confrontation in the Arctic
Moscow regards as inadmissible the prospects for a military presence in the Arctic region. It's no secret at all that in recent years quite a number of states in the West, including the USA, have unveiled their plans to build at least 66 warships to be used for conducting hostilities in the Arctic region.

Competition in the Arctic region is becoming more and more intense. At the conference of the five Arctic coastal states in Canada, the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that it is necessary to defend the interests of the countries, which also have their lawful interests in the Arctic Ocean. Mrs Clinton was speaking about Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

Canada and the European Union: Advancing the Transatlantic Agenda

Business groups back Conservative national insurance plan as tax row escalates

Council rich list: the full data
A report out today from the Taxpayer's alliance lists the best-paid local government officers in Britain. Get the full list here

British manufacturing activity 'rises at fastest rate in 15 years'
CIPS/Markit reports that manufacturing activity rose for ninth straight month, although sector continues to cut jobs

Air France introduces ‘fat tax’
Air France has begun charging obese passengers an extra fee to take up two seats on its planes.

Armed robber in trial without jury weeps at prison sentence

Call for answers after girl killed in blizzard bus crash

The Project for the New American Century
The Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, is a Washington-based think tank created in 1997. Above all else, PNAC desires and demands one thing: The establishment of a global American empire to bend the will of all nations. They chafe at the idea that the United States, the last remaining superpower, does not do more by way of economic and military force to bring the rest of the world under the umbrella of a new socio-economic Pax Americana.

A DAY after his administration failed to deport a Congolese rapist, Gordon Brown decided to make a speech on immigration control. And what a cynical performance it was.

Immigration, insults and fiddled figures
Only weeks from polling day, Gordon Brown raises the lid on the Great Unmentionable of British politics — and immediately slams it shut again.

Global Crisis and Developing Countries – Phase 2 Synthesis

How markets would react to hung UK parliament (31Mar10)

A discussion in how the City of London and international markets would react to the prospect of a hung parliament at the coming general election. General consensus is, it would be VERY bad if there was a hung parliament (or New Labour win), the market would massively go down.

From Liarpoliticians

UKIP Nigel Farage - BBC Hard talk interview 2010

From ukipmedia

Police “Welfare Check” Leaves Woman Dead
What could possibly go wrong? What does anybody have to fear from angelic armed strangers sent to check on their “welfare”?

Where is Broken Britain? Try Westminster or the banks
Look in the corridors of power rather than on crumbling housing estates

Police: Teaching Kids to Mistrust Government Makes Couple ‘Unsuitable’ Parents

David Cameron hails 'significant' business backing of Conservative NI plan
The Conservative plan to reverse part of Labour’s National Insurance rise is welcomed by business leaders in what David Cameron described as a "significant" election moment.

Gordon Brown accused of cover-up over gold sale
Gordon Brown was last night accused of a “cover up” over the sale of Britain’s gold reserves after Treasury documents indicated that the Bank of England refused to support the sell-off.

Our President Is Deceiving the American Public”
Pentagon Papers Whistleblower on President Obama and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Reporting" on Iran should seem familiar

Poison Dressed as an Easter Bunny
Every year at this time thousands of tons of chocolate Easter Bunnies are unleashed on the world; given as sweet treats for children, and the child in all of us. Some are white chocolate, some are milk chocolate and a few are dark chocolate but they all have one thing in common.

In spite of the innocent and well meaning feelings and traditions behind them, they are basically poisonous to the human body. At least that is the position taken by noted anti-aging expert Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD.

Inflation Accelerating in Southeast Asia

Greece kicking off inflation
Eurozone inflation at new highs

Global Debt Bomb
Leverage is all over the map and creating a lot of painful scenarios.

Eurozone in front of massive capital flight
European leaders had been waiting too long providing a transparent decision on what will happen with Greece. The "default" option, which was the only option for survival of the Euro is out of the window, now.

Crisis-Alert 2/10 – German government plans bank seizure
Germany’s government discusses plan seize shareholder positions in a socialism takeover of the banking system

If this is justice, I'm a goldfish
The curious case of the great-grandmother tagged, fined £1,000 and put under a curfew for selling a goldfish to a 14-year-old boy reads like a chapter from my latest book, which the Daily Mail has been serialising this week.
Looking at the date on today’s newspaper, you could be forgiven for thinking the entire story was an elaborate April Fool’s joke.

Internet will be giant force in election campaign, says Lord Gould
Veteran Labour political strategist predicts that internet will figure prominently in battle for Downing Street

Labour lets down the elderly - again
The Government's White Paper on care for the eldery is nothing but shameless electioneering.

Analog Television Was Abandoned to Make Way for RFID
What’s the real reason behind the forced conversion from analog to digital television? This explanation makes as much sense as any.

EXCLUSIVE: Labour to scrap ID cards in favour of RFID
In a move that will see Britain become the world leader in nanotechnology and the "cashless" society, the Labour party is secretly working on plans to introduce radical changes to the way citizens receive public services and spend their money.

Work is underway to replace the traditional National Insurance card - issued to everyone just prior to their 16th birthday - with an RFID chip implant under the skin in the hand. The radio frequency identification chip will provide everyone with access to public services such as health, prescription, welfare.

Labour's election strategy: bring on no-nonsense hard man Gordon Brown
• Campaign posters focus on alpha male personality
• Advisers consider tactic of staged confrontation

New wave of swine flu approaching in spring
An Iranian health official has warned about a new wave of swine flu across the country in the spring with predicted A-H1N1 virus mutation

They accuse Basil Brush and Prince Charles of hate crimes and let the real villains off scot-free
Not content with introducing more than 3,500 new laws in its 13 years in office, the Labour Government invented a whole exciting new category of offence called 'hate crimes'. The Home Office definition is: 'Any incident which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.'

Christian nurse says NHS 'persecuted' her faith and favours Muslims employees
A Christian nurse who refused to remove her crucifix at work has told an employment tribunal she felt "persecuted" because of her faith.

Months of strikes lie ahead, TUC chief warns

Carbon inspectors will force companies to reduce Carbon Emissions
A team of government carbon inspectors is being formed to compel thousands of British companies to disclose full details of their annual carbon emissions under a mandatory new scheme launched today

(and once they've done that they'll be round your house too)

The coming inflation wave

GORDON Brown last night ­suffered a devastating rebuke from Whitehall’s most senior ­statistics expert for fiddling immigration figures

POLICE chiefs are under fire for spending £300,000 a year on private security guards – to protect their own buildings.

A LARGE rise in mental illness among workers is directly attributable to stress caused by the recession, a report out today finds

David Cameron promises to create 'neighbourhood army'
David Cameron has said that a Conservative government would train a 5,000-strong "neighbourhood army" to set up community groups.

PIMCO fears UK 'debt trap'
The US bond fund PIMCO has warned that Britain risks a vicious circle of rising debt costs as global investors demand a penalty fee on gilts to protect against inflation.

Road tax doubles on many cars
Road tax on many new cars bought from today will double, hitting £950 for the largest vehicles.

CIA given details of British Muslim students
Outrage as personal files of undergraduates at Detroit bomb suspect's college handed to US

1,250 council chiefs on £100k plus (and 31 earn more than PM)
Prime Minister Gordon Brown's earnings of £194,000 are outstripped by a total of 31 town hall fat cats

The number of town hall fat cats on six-figure salaries is soaring despite the recession, a damning report says.

Brown defied Bank of England warning over his £6bn gold giveaway
Gordon Brown rode roughshod over resistance from the Bank of England to order the disastrous sell-off of Britain's gold reserves, secret papers have revealed.

Monsanto Owns and Controls 90% of the Food Supply... No End in Sight Until They Finally Own and Control it All!

France and Germany put weight behind bank tax
Economy ministers of France and Germany 'agree fundamentally on the international nature' of a tax on banks

Big society in, big state out, say Tories
Proposed new bank to fund public services among raft of Tory suggestions for tackling social ills

Climategate Ed Miliband Trying To Restart Global AGW Scam
Ed Miliband backed to the hilt by Gordon Brown is trying to restart Climate Change talks by offering what the Guardian call an olive branch to restart the AGW Scam Global Climate Change Talks.

Climategate Investigation A Monumental Whitewash
One down, two to go: First “investigation” into data fixing scandal clears scientists, says warming is real

The 10 Greatest April Fool Jokes played on the public
These April Fools' Day pranks weren't just played on a roommate or girlfriend. These pranks were played on entire Nations, States and Communities. That's what makes them Epic. This list complies first recorded internet prank to expensive corporate pranks across the globe.

Brown under fire from statistics chief over 'incorrect' immigration figures in Podcast
Gordon Brown received a humiliating rebuke from the Government's own statistics watchdog yesterday for making misleading claims about immigration

Cosmetic treatment booms in Scotland with a 20 per cent rise

Chancellor considers release of £175m fossil fuel levy

Alistair Darling has agreed to consider giving Scotland up to an extra £175 million, meeting one of the Scottish government's key demands from Westminster. The Chancellor told Alex Salmond that he would look at releasing Scotland's share of the fossil fuel levy to the SNP government at Holyrood.

DNA set to give police identikit of suspects

Police could one day analyse DNA found at crime scenes to draw up an identikit picture of the suspect, detailing physical characteristics such as facial features, according to the man who invented DNA profiling

Taxpayers set to pay train firms millions over strike

Taxpayers will have to pay tens of millions of pounds to compensate private train companies for the disruption caused by next week's rail strike.

Taxpayer-owned bank boss takes home £1.3m despite waiving bonus

The head of taxpayer-owned Northern Rock was paid £1.3 million last year - more than his last pay package at Barclays despite waiving his bonus in 2009.

M & S chief 'may try to raise £750m' to turn around chain

Incoming M & S chief executive Marc Bolland could stage a rights issue as early as this autumn to fund his turnaround of the chain, analysts said yesterday.

Service with a SNARL at William Wallace Airport

A new Scottish international air hub at the heart of the country is proposed to replace Edinburgh and Glasgow airports.

Death bus 'should have been stopped' - parents

A school bus trip that resulted in the death of a 17 year old girl should not have gone ahead, parents said last night.

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