Thursday, 1 April 2010

PIMCO fears UK 'debt trap'
The US bond fund PIMCO has warned that Britain risks a vicious circle of rising debt costs as global investors demand a penalty fee on gilts to protect against inflation.

Road tax doubles on many cars
Road tax on many new cars bought from today will double, hitting £950 for the largest vehicles.

CIA given details of British Muslim students
Outrage as personal files of undergraduates at Detroit bomb suspect's college handed to US

1,250 council chiefs on £100k plus (and 31 earn more than PM)
Prime Minister Gordon Brown's earnings of £194,000 are outstripped by a total of 31 town hall fat cats

The number of town hall fat cats on six-figure salaries is soaring despite the recession, a damning report says.

Brown defied Bank of England warning over his £6bn gold giveaway
Gordon Brown rode roughshod over resistance from the Bank of England to order the disastrous sell-off of Britain's gold reserves, secret papers have revealed.

Monsanto Owns and Controls 90% of the Food Supply... No End in Sight Until They Finally Own and Control it All!

France and Germany put weight behind bank tax
Economy ministers of France and Germany 'agree fundamentally on the international nature' of a tax on banks

Big society in, big state out, say Tories
Proposed new bank to fund public services among raft of Tory suggestions for tackling social ills

Climategate Ed Miliband Trying To Restart Global AGW Scam
Ed Miliband backed to the hilt by Gordon Brown is trying to restart Climate Change talks by offering what the Guardian call an olive branch to restart the AGW Scam Global Climate Change Talks.

Climategate Investigation A Monumental Whitewash
One down, two to go: First “investigation” into data fixing scandal clears scientists, says warming is real

The 10 Greatest April Fool Jokes played on the public
These April Fools' Day pranks weren't just played on a roommate or girlfriend. These pranks were played on entire Nations, States and Communities. That's what makes them Epic. This list complies first recorded internet prank to expensive corporate pranks across the globe.

Brown under fire from statistics chief over 'incorrect' immigration figures in Podcast
Gordon Brown received a humiliating rebuke from the Government's own statistics watchdog yesterday for making misleading claims about immigration


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