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Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order

Information Clearing House- When the Industrial Revolution began in Britain, in the late 1700s, there was lots of money to be made by investing in factories and mills, by opening up new markets, and by gaining control of sources of raw materials. The folks who had the most money to invest, however, were not so much in Britain but more in Holland. Holland was the leading Western power in the 1600s, and its bankers were the leading capitalists. In pursuit of profit, Dutch capital flowed to the British stock market, and thus the Dutch funded the rise of Britain, who subsequently eclipsed Holland both economically and geopolitically. more

Many signatories of controversial letter on climate science not working in climate related fields

Examiner- The mainstream media and these pages on reported the release of a letter from 255 scientists last week that said despite recent scandals in climate science, the science behind the manmade climate change theory remains sound. The embarrassing use of a faked photo in the trade journal that published the letter damaged the credibility and now a look at the resumes of the signatories shows most don’t even work in climate science. more

It’s all go down in FarmVille and I haven’t even left my computer’

It is the life all young parents dream of, isn’t it? Move out of London to Devon to enjoy fresh air, a gaggle of pets and growing your own vegetables. That’s what we did two years ago and so far today I have milked the cows, brushed the calves, calmed the bull, collected eggs and harvested some watermelons, not to mention squeezing in the school run.

But there's a catch.

Only one of these activities, however, actually involved my getting up from the computer. More.....

BP finally releases oil spill video, but lies about delay

Raw Story- Experts say criminal charges 'just a matter of time.'

BP officials finally made an underwater video of its broken well gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, after being pressured to do so by media outlets and the White House, and then claiming they hadn't received requests for the footage. more

You Are Being Lied To By The Entire Financial System

Peter Santalli- Almost every US Corporation will do and say anything to keep us spending money, regardless of what they know about the fragility of our entire financial system. Bankster’s are now using world governments as patsies to commit the largest heist in world history. Stealing a trillion dollars from US citizens proved to be too difficult, as they had to receive congressional approval to bail themselves out. Their recent scam involves using the world’s central banks to bypass democracy & funnel money to offshore entities without oversight. Just think; the IMF, partially funded by the US Treasury; can operate freely & independently as they steal US currency for their cronies without being held accountable to the US taxpayer. more

Incoming British FM Won’t Rule Out Attacking Iran -Hague Vows to Be 'Friend of Israel'-

Antiwar- In an interview aimed at cementing his reputation as a “friend of Israel,” incoming British Foreign Secretary William Hague vowed to see British law changed so as to hold Israeli officials immune from war crimes charges, and promised to take a tough line against Iran’s civilian nuclear program, calling it the “most urgent thing” for him to tackle.

William HagueIn fact, Hague seems to be taking a considerably more hawkish position on Iran than the Labour government had, and says that it would be a mistake to ever rule out military action against Iran. more

Sheeple: Signs that you may be part of the herd

War on you-Millions of people from countries across the world have begun to wake up to the very real threat of repressive and engineered Globalism, or what the financial elite and the politicians who work for them often refer to as “The New World Order”. The movement against this centralization of economic and social power has gained traction in nearly every sphere, to the point where even the mainstream media has been forced on occasion to acknowledge its existence and prevalence. Those of us who have been working more than a few years in this activist organization, what many of us call the “Patriot Movement”, or the “Liberty Movement”, have seen incredible leaps and bounds in the fight against disinformation and the spread of unadulterated truth. Our work has gone viral, and our membership has skyrocketed, however, the task of diluting ignorance in the overall populace is far from over. more

Is Israel Sliding Towards a Police State?

Antiwar- Israeli nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu has been sentenced to another three months imprisonment for allegedly refusing to perform community service in West Jerusalem.

Vanunu, a former employee at Israel’s secret Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev desert, spent 18 years in jail after he revealed information about the facility to the international media. more

New weapons experimented in Gaza: population risks genetic mutations

New Weapons Committee- Toxic and carcinogenic metals, able to produce genetic mutations, have been found in the tissues of people wounded in Gaza during Israeli military operations of 2006 and 2009. The research has been carried out on wounds provoked by weapons that did not leave fragments in the bodies of the victims, a peculiarity that was pointed out repeatedly by doctors in Gaza. This shows that experimental weapons, whose effects are still to be assessed, were used. more

CEO Predicts Market Armageddon: Dow To 5,000

Prison Planet-Cornerstone Wealth Management CEO David Hefty agrees with a growing number of other financial experts that a real estate collapse in China before the end of the year will send shockwaves through the global economy, leading to a stock market collapse which will send the Dow into free fall below the 5,000 level.

Although Hefty said that the Dow would push higher beyond 12,000 by July, the fact that the market is “still in complete denial of what’s going on around the world and here at home” would soon lead to a dramatic reversal, Hefty told skeptical CNBC hosts

Spanish prosecutors want 13 CIA agents arrested

Uncover the News- Spanish prosecutors are asking a judge to issue arrest warrants for 13 CIA agents who they believe were involved in the spy agency’s 2004 “extraordinary rendition” of a German citizen, according to Spain’s El Pais newspaper. more

European Powerbrokers Present Proposal For New Economic And Political Order

Prison Planet- The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, has revealed a set of proposals to fully integrate the economies of the EU member states and centralize power under a federalized union.

Following monday’s announcement of a €750bn EU bailout fund, the EC head and Bilderberg darling José Manuel Barroso announced details of the plan for further European integration. more

Pennsylvania... The 'Polite Speech Police' Ticketing Hundreds of People for... Bad Language?

Know the lies-In Pennsylvania, the cops have become arbiters of polite speech!... According to an ACLU lawsuit, the Pennsylvania State Police charged hundreds of people with disorderly conduct for... swearing. more

Judge throws out libel action over Baader-Meinhof link in journalist’s blog

A political activist today failed in her libel action over a journalist’s blog which referred to her “Baader-Meinhof" link.

In a ruling that gives bloggers some protection against libel actions, Mr Justice Eady rejected a claim by Johanna Kaschke , a Tower Hamlets-based Conservative, against David Osler, a Labour Party member, over an article that was written in April 2007.

Ms Kaschke claimed that some of the comments linked her with terrorism. The judge at the High Court in London, however, struck out the claim as an abuse of process.

Mr Osler, a journalist and blogger, said that he only posted the material after seeing an article on Ms Kaschke’s own website and had never suggested that Ms Kaschke was involved in bank robberies, violence or terrorism.


Genetically Modified Foods: Sterility- another Reason to Avoid Them

Organic consumers-If you doubt that Genetically Modified (GM) foods threaten your body, here is a recent report from Russian biologists. They conducted what they thought would be a "routine" study of the long-term effects of the consumption of GM soy feed among a hamster population. For the first generation, the only untoward effects seemed to be constipation. The second generation didn't seem too much the worse for wear either. But the third generation showed serious ill effects and turned out to be completely sterile. more

A ‘Duty to Die’?

Jewish world review- One of the many fashionable notions that have caught on among some of the intelligentsia is that old people have "a duty to die," rather than become a burden to others.

This is more than just an idea discussed around a seminar table. Already the government-run medical system in Britain is restricting what medications or treatments it will authorize for the elderly more

Video; Love Police ruins Conservative Party Press Statement

We are change-This was filmed a few hours before the Queen accepted their new government!

Featuring regular Bilderberg attendee George Osborne – British Finance Minister (brought into office the day this was filmed) more

The Panic Is On!

Revolt of the plebs- The lies propagated by our government and their paid shills are perhaps their greatest crime. Deceiving the people concerning the scope and magnitude of our financial crisis denies them the opportunity to prepare for the tough days ahead. Even the word depression does not fully impress upon the people the serious predicament we now face. Perhaps its time we do remind people of the 1930’s and draw parallels between those tragic times and our current situation. more

Cosmic Climate Change is Underway

Before it's news-If you thought the volcanic eruption in Iceland was awesome, wait till you see what Mother Nature has in store for us. Increased seismic activity around volcanoes suggests we can look forward to more spectacular eruptions in the months ahead. Mount Redoubt in Alaska is stirring from its slumber while Mount Etna in Italy threatens to enter a new eruptive period. Preparations are being made to evacuate 3,000 people from the Gaua Volcano on the Pacific island of Vanuatu as renewed activity suggests a large eruption is imminent. The Ischia Volcano off the coast of Naples in Italy has some observers worried, although as pointed out in its Connecting the Dots installment for March, it's the 13 major underwater volcanoes off Italy's southern coast that are scientists' primary concern. more

Medvedev to Assad: Israel intends to use nuclear weapons on Syrian cities

Before it's news-Russian President Medvedev handed Syrian President Bashar Assad, an Israeli Warning- Israel intends to use nuclear weapons on Syrian cities if it will be attacked.

The Russian President made it clear for Bashar Assad that Russia had given Israel a green light to do so if Israel will refrain from risking the Middle East oil fields. more

Rumor or Breaking News? Germany to Exit the Euro This Weekend.

SHTF Plan- The internet, and especially gold forums, are getting excited over the possibility of very big news from Germany this Friday.

As reported by a Zero Hedge contributor, a forum post at GoldLikeProductions from a user identifying himself as a Deutsche Bank employee, suggests that the big news to be announced this Friday as stated by German politician Gregor Gysi at a recent press conference may be that Germany will announce a return to the Deutsche Mark, eliminating the Euro as their country’s currency: more

Five Facts You Need to Know About the Financial System

Gains, pains & Capital- Let’s connect the dots on the ENTIRE financial system right now. more

New UK government tones down Tories' EU policy

EUOBSERVER- BRUSSELS - The newly-minted Conservative-Liberal Democrat government coalition in London has forged an agreement on its future EU policy, moderating some of the harsher anti-EU Conservative initiatives as part of the compromise.

The deal, published on Wednesday afternoon (12 May), says the government "will be a positive participant in the European Union, playing a strong and positive role with our partners." more

Gold Could Explode To $3,000 As Confidence In Currencies Collapses

Prison Planet- Financial analyst David Rosenberg says gold could explode to $3,000 an ounce as European investors dump the ailing euro in exchange for the precious metal while JP Morgan states that bullion could face unlimited demand as panic buying ensues on the back of crumbling confidence in fiat currencies. more

UK trade gap widens unexpectedly as imports rocket

Guardian-Trade data underlines fears that weak pound is raising costs for importers and not yet providing significant boost to exports. more

Use of local food boosts hospital funds

Hospital food cooked with fresh local ingredients could put hundreds of millions of pounds back into the NHS, one hospital trust has said.

Catering managers at Nottingham City Hospital and the Queen's Medical Centre have switched to such a menu.

The trust says the daily plate saving is £2.50 per patient - that is more than £6m a year.

Trust catering manager John Hughes said up to £400m could be saved annually if it were rolled out across the NHS. More......


Express- THE SCALE of the economic challenges the new Government faces was starkly underlined yesterday when unemployment rose to a 15 year high.

An astonishing 10.7million people in the UK do not work, figures showed. more

Crackpot Environmentalists Push Ecocide as 5th International Crime Against Peace

Before it's News-The Weekly Standard: Anyone indicted for ecocide would find himself in the dock at the International Criminal Court alongside such alleged mass murderers as Serbia’s Radovan Karadzic and Liberia’s Charles Taylor. more

Interpol hunt former Icelandic bank chief Sigurdur Einarsson

Telegraph- Sigurdur Einarsson, the ex-chairman and chief executive of collapsed Icelandic bank Kaupthing, is wanted by Interpol on suspicion of forgery and fraud. more

Europe and America Morally and Financially Bankrupt

International Forecaster-Greece has its immediate financing. Now the question is can they follow the prescription? In all likelihood the answer is no. the bond markets are reflecting that via a lack of confidence. In fact, some bond markets are falling apart and there is no end in sight. We have bond rating firms lowering ratings, as the rating services themselves are under serious fire and we do not believe they will be around long. The big question is why did it take two years and 10 months to react? more

(An excellent read-Editor)

Five million home owners unable to afford interest rate rise

Telegraph- Despite repossessions falling slightly at the start of the year, charities and housing experts warned home owners remained “vulnerable” to a rise in interest rates which would put additional pressure on their finances.

Research suggested as many as one third of home owners would not be able to afford a rise in their household budgets. more

Greek government announces major pension cuts

WSWS- The basic state monthly pension is to be cut 10 percent, from €400 to €360 (roughly US$450 at current exchange rates). Retirees often supplement the state pension with savings organised through their workplaces, though several of these pension funds have gone bankrupt and have been taken over by the state. more

Bodies of pregnant women polluted with chemicals found in consumer products

Natural News- Every pregnant woman's body is probably contaminated with multiple toxic substances, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Washington Toxics Coalition, the Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center and the Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition. more

A Greek Tragedy in the Making

Mises- The recently approved eurozone bailout package, designed to buy more time for fiscally troubled nations such as Greece, Spain, and Portugal, is nothing short of a global Greek tragedy in the making. Of course, quite contrary to this, judging by the response of global stock markets, one would get the impression that happy times are around the corner. However, those of us who understand Austrian economics and believe in free markets and sound currencies can see one more nail driven into the coffin of paper fiat currencies such as the euro, US dollar, British pound, and Japanese yen. more

David Cameron to face EU crisis within days

Telegraph- David Cameron will face his first Europe crisis within days when negotiations begin on plans for an EU "economic government" to tackle the financial crisis.

Sweeping proposals to give Brussels more "surveillance" powers over national budgets are regarded by most European countries as vital to tackling the EU's debt crisis but present a headache for the incoming British Prime Minister. more

Traffic camera rakes in nearly £1 million in a month

Telegraph- Around 7,000 fines were issued to motorists who drove down a road in Westminster, London, which had been closed for engineering works between March and April.

Those who were given the £120 penalty claim that the signs did not make it clear the road was only open to buses and taxis. more

Start cutting the deficit NOW says Bank of England: Governor warns of pain but says reducing debt can't be delayed

Mail online- The Bank of England gave an extraordinary stamp of approval to David Cameron and Nick Clegg's pledge to start cutting Britain's unprecedented budget deficit immediately. more

'VAT set to hit 20% next year' as Cameron backtracks on NI rise and hikes capital gains

Daily Mail- VAT will hit 20 per cent next year under the new coalition government according to a survey of leading economists.
As the Tories were forced into a series of backtracks to seal a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, 24 out of 29 economists used by the Treasury expect the rate to rise in the new Parliament. more

Delusions and illusions of press freedom, The Israel lobby’s control of Western media

Redress- Paul J. Balles compares China’s open control of the press with the “lies under pretence of freedom” of the Western media under the control of special interests, especially the Israel lobby.

Freedom of the press in the West means freedom for those who control the press to lie. more

UK coalition to halt computer surveillance

Thing- The UK will reverse and restrain many of the surveillance systems that have marked its citizens out as the most watched in the world. more

Wartime foods make recession comeback

Telegraph- Sales of powdered custard have more than doubled in the last two years - up 117 per cent - while there have been marked increases for other old favourites such as Shippam's sandwich spreads (up 77 per cent), powdered milk (up 36 per cent) and and corned beef (up 16 per cent). more

Unemployment in Wales soars with 133,000 looking for work

Wales Online- UNEMPLOYMENT has soared in Wales to 133,000 – a rise of more than 11,000 since the last quarter, figures revealed yesterday.

The scale of the jobs crisis facing the new Conservative-Liberal Democrat government was underlined when statistics showed unemployment had risen to more than 2.5 million across the UK, the highest total since 1994. more

In Era of the Destruction of Fiat Money: Euro to Parity, Gold to $1500

Seeking Alpha- RBS’ Chief Market Strategist Bob Janjuah is one of the more bearish prognosticators in global finance. He takes a fairly anti-fiat currency position and couches what he sees with the present financial crisis as the era of the destruction of fiat money. This is bearish for bonds and bullish for gold. more

A party of nutty conspiracy theorists has just been brought into government

Telegraph- Commentators are asking what the new coalition means for the Right wing of the Tory party. But a more pertinent question seems to me, now that the Liberal Democrats are in the cabinet: what will happen to the crazy wing of the Lib Dem party? Not just Jenny Tonge, the peer who wants an inquiry into allegations of Jewish organ-harvesting, but all the other chancers, weirdos and conspiracy theorists in the parliamentary party. more

UK government to scrap £15bn of IT projects

Computer Weekly- The government plans to scrap some £15bn of controversial IT projects in a "great repeal bill" that will reverse "the substantial erosion of civil liberties under the Labour government and roll back state intrusion". more

New government's Great Repeal Bill can help repair Labour's damage to our liberties

Telegraph- As someone who has written countless articles, and a recently published book, Bad Laws, about Labour’s excessive legislation and the erosion of our civil liberties, I find the new government’s programme for tackling this through a Great Repeal Bill greatly encouraging. more

Is EU About To Put Massive Financial Pressure On The Labradoodles?

The Tap- Cameron and Clegg have declared their intention to stand aside from the Euro, and from the main part of the Eurozone bail-out package, but the bringing of revenge from the combination of markets looking for a target, and the one world government programme looking to bring the UK to heel could be messy indeed for Sterling and the FTSE, not to mention our new Labradoodle government. more

Shock Events and Gold Breakout

Goldseek- The events of the last 12 to 18 months have been as shocking as they have been instrumental in reshaping the global financial structures. In fact, the events have pointed out the fracture of the global monetary system and banking systems. The steady stream of events is accelerating in scope and intensity. more

Carbon Offsets ???

The Daily Politics- All of you out there in America and across the globe who have fought so hard to tackle the hideous enemy of our planet, namely carbon emissions, you know ....that bogus god you worship of "Climate Change" or "global warming" ....well, I feel it is necessary to inform you of some bad news. It really does pain me to have to bring you this disappointing information.

Are you sitting down? more

Mightier than the SWord

UKNN- 'Mightier then the Sword' is a blog dedicated to raising awareness of the Fight for the Rights of Parents and Children in the UK, exposing Government and Social Services corruption in the large scale 'cash for kiddies adoption scam' that is perpetrated on the British people. A subject we know that is very close to many of our hearts and a blog that should be considered worthy of any concerned bloggers blogroll and definately worthy checking out on a regular basis, with some excellent news stories and articles that even the news hounds at UKNN missed.

EU imposes wage cuts on Spanish "Protectorate", calls for budget primacy over sovereign parliaments

Telegraph- Spain has followed Ireland and Greece in imposing 1930s-era wage cuts to slash the budget deficit, complying with EU demands for further austerity in exchange for the €720bn `shock and awe’ rescue for eurzone debtors. more

Police remove David Cameron 'wanker' poster

Guardian- A man who placed a poster of David Cameron containing the word "wanker" in his window has described how police handcuffed him in his home on election day, threatened him with arrest, and forcibly removed what they said was offensive campaign literature. more


Express- Millions of workers will pay the full National Insurance increase ­after the new Prime Minister was forced to scale down the key pledge in his manifesto to overturn Labour’s 1p hike. more

Strategies for Revolutionaries: On the necessity of conscious politicization

Sophrosyne- Every action – and inaction – of our lives is political. From the purchases we make, beliefs we act upon, and fears we internalize, we are inescapably political animals. In spite of this unavoidable social reality, various institutions and agencies claim ‘objectivity’ and ‘fairness’ are subverted by political biases, and encourage us to adopt ‘post-ideological worldviews’. more

Food and Ethanol Shortages Imminent as Earth Enters New Cold Climate Era

The Space and Science Research Center- Over the next 30 months, global temperatures are expected to make another dramatic drop even greater than that seen during the 2007-2008 period. As the Earth’s current El Nino dissipates, the planet will return to the long term temperature decline brought on by the Sun’s historic reduction in output, the on-going “solar hibernation.” more

Credit Crisis Turning Into a Currency Crisis as Governments Devalue Currencies to Devalue Debt

Market Oracle- "We're heading toward government devaluing its currency to devaluate its debt in order to survive. That means you need to protect yourself. You can't just have savings accounts paying no interest. You need to go and buy gold," says Bud Conrad, chief economist with Casey Research. more

Spain joins euro austerity drive

Reuters- Spain belatedly joined the euro zone's austerity bandwagon Wednesday in response to a widening debt crisis as the European Commission sought an unprecedented right of prior review of national budgets. more

Will The U.K. Be The Next European Nation To Experience A Massive Debt Crisis?

Economic Collapse- Now that the Greek debt crisis has been "fixed" by a gigantic pile of more debt, many are wondering which European nation will be next to experience a massive debt crisis. Increasingly, all eyes are turning to the U.K. and their public debt that is spiralling out of control. The U.K. government's deficit is projected to be approximately 13 percent of GDP in 2010, which is even worse than Greece's 12.5 percent figure. more

US troops executing prisoners in Afghanistan, journalist says

Raw Story-The journalist who helped break the story that detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq were being tortured by their US jailers told an audience at a journalism conference last month that American soldiers are now executing prisoners in Afghanistan. more

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