Monday, 19 April 2010

How not to defend science

Bishop Hill is doing a great job of following the various inquiries into the climate emails.

The unthoroughness, biased membership and gullibility of the Oxburgh and Russell inquiries has the effect on a lukewarmer like me of driving me further into the sceptical camp. If the case for man made global warming needs this much flagrant whitewashing, then maybe, I begin to think, the exaggerations and mistakes are not just the result of sloppiness, but are part of a deliberate attempt to camouflage the truth to keep the gravy train on the track. If the science was any good then it could stand proper scrutiny

New legal high to replace banned 'meow meow' being sold on the internet

A new drug called MDAI is being sold on the internet as a legal replacement for recently banned drug mephedrone.

Researchers say the synthetic chemical is likely to become 'the next popular product' after mephedrone was classified as a class B drug this weekend.


A Wales council was criticised for the way it investigated complaints that a young boy was left alone with a convicted child abuser, it has been reported.

Paedophile who abducted underage girls for sex wins deportation appeal to stay in UK

A Pakistani paedophile who abducted and sexually abused two young girls cannot be deported back to his native country because it would breach his human rights, it emerged today.

Zulfar Hussain, 48, was due to be sent home when he is released from prison halfway through his sentence for plying two vulnerable girls with drugs and alcohol before having sex with them.

Behavioural rewards 'work like drugs' for ADHD
The brains of children with attention-deficit disorders respond to on-the-spot rewards in the same way as they do to medication, say scientists.

Critical alcohol review hidden by mephedrone row
A report highly critical of the Government's alcohol strategy was published quietly the same day that a ban on the recreational drug mephedrone was recommended.

Super-GPs earn up to £500,000 a year
A DOCTOR who has earned more than £1m from the NHS over two years is revealed today as one of the wealthiest among a new breed of “super-GPs” created under Labour.

Cancer survivor barred from NHS treatment for paying private doctor to ease her spinal pain
A woman with crippling back pain who has been waiting months for an operation was removed from the NHS waiting list because she had a private consultation.

Non Exhaustive list of US and International Freedom orientated Independent news outlets and aggregator sites

Exhaustive list of UK based freedom orientated Independent news outlets and aggregator sites:

Anyone out there think we should have one too? If you do please let us know just so we know we're not wasting our time.

Top Ranked Islamic Site Calls for the Final Jihad!
Report from the Trenches, Chicago Tax Day Tea Party
Barbie car joyride results in driving ban
Britain 'hands over prisoners in Afghanistan to face torture'
Gordon Brown warns of Tory 'risk' to recovery
The Possible Impact of the Icelandic Volcanoes on Energy Production
Governments Worried about Peak Oil
When the U.S. energy secretary spoke of "peak oil" ...
Tema refinery shuts due to oil shortage
The coming famine: risks and solutions for global food security
Germany vs. Goldman Sachs: Government Considering Legal Action Against Company
Army Tests Flying Robo-Sniper
Monday Stock Market Mayhem, Is Goldman’s Goose Cooked?
Al-Qaeda Chief In Iraq: Captured, Killed, Never Actually Existed, Re-Captured, Now Killed Again

Burnham ambushed by furious NHS worker over Labour's broken promises
Four out of five Americans don't trust Obama (but his approval ratings are soaring overseas)
High-tech speed cameras which use satellites to track motorists on secret trial in Britain
Government Preparing To Stage Domestic Terror Attack
Murder of the Internet and the Free Market
Thai PM May be Forced Resign, Dissolve Parliament as Street Protests Continue
Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn’t a mistake — it was a con
Thoughts On, “Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined”
Goldman Sachs prosecution threatens to open the floodgates on Wall Street
Boring, burned-out Hollywood goes back to the future with 80s remakes
Police arrest 'Middle-Eastern Mafia' charging £1,000 to bring migrants to Britain
British skies to reopen as EU strikes ash deal
How To Pull Off A Guerilla Marketing Campaign
ALERT: Euro on Verge of Real Crisis
The New York Times: Regulate the Internet!
Weather records are a state secret
Iceland Volcano This is just the beginning, warn scientists
Foreign Aid Announcements Mysteriously Vanish after BNP Exposures
Solar Activity Determines Climate Change — Not Man
Twenty five dead in Peshawar blasts
NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan


An 83-year-old priest allegedly caught on tape having sex with a 19-year-old altar boy has been arrested by Brazilian authorities.

First UK flights set to resume

Flights will finally start again in the UK on Tuesday after air traffic control company Nats lifted restrictions for Scotland and part of northern England.........

Mortgage lending soars to £11.5bn

Mortgage lending soared by nearly a quarter to £11.5 billion last month as the traditional spring buying season got off to a good start, figures have showed...........

German airlines question extended flight ban

Germany's two largest airlines have questioned the sense of the flight ban - now extended until 8 pm on Sunday as a cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland continues to occupy European air space...........

Al Qaeda chief ‘killed in rocket attack’

The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq has been killed in a joint US and Iraq rocket attack, the country's prime minister claimed today..........

Hung parliament fear in markets hits the pound

The pound fell sharply today after a surge in support for the Liberal Democrats increased the chances of a hung parliament...............

Red tape 'sets back businesses £80bn a year'

Government regulation costs business more than £80 billion a year, according to a report today.

The Institute of Directors urged the Government to “step out of the way” of industry, warning that a culture change was needed to release firms from being “over burdened”.



BNP support not fuelled by immigration issues

High levels of immigration into an area does not result in the local community supporting the British National Party, a report revealed today.

The Institute of Public Police Research (ippr) conducted analysis exploring the roots of the BNP's support.

They found that the more immigration an area has experienced, the lower its support for the far right.



Best rise in Scottish jobs market for two years

Afghanistan: A conspiracy of silence
An IoS poll shows 77 per cent of Britons want our forces to come home and a majority believe our presence makes UK streets less safe from terrorist attack. Yet all three parties are ducking this most critical issue

GORDON Brown is facing humiliation over his handling of the economy after a Labour MP accused him of “Alice In Wonderland politics”.

Britain is 'left weak' by Gordon Brown's spending spree and racking up debt, claims report
Britain is emerging from the recession with one of the weakest economies in the industrialised world as a direct result of Gordon Brown's spending binges, according to a damning analysis

U.S. Faces Second Lost Depression, Why This Recession Is Different and What To Do About It
The Business Insider has a very interesting presentation by Richard Koo on The Real Reason Why This Recession Is Completely Different.

Scotland's dealers look to China to supply a new generation of legal highs

World water crisis warning to UK

A potential global water crisis in coming decades could cause UK food prices to skyrocket and damage the economy, experts warned.

Scots voters trust Lib Dems but are short on detail

Move to extend holding of DNA in Scotland expected to face resistance

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