Monday, 19 April 2010

Behavioural rewards 'work like drugs' for ADHD
The brains of children with attention-deficit disorders respond to on-the-spot rewards in the same way as they do to medication, say scientists.

Critical alcohol review hidden by mephedrone row
A report highly critical of the Government's alcohol strategy was published quietly the same day that a ban on the recreational drug mephedrone was recommended.

Super-GPs earn up to £500,000 a year
A DOCTOR who has earned more than £1m from the NHS over two years is revealed today as one of the wealthiest among a new breed of “super-GPs” created under Labour.

Cancer survivor barred from NHS treatment for paying private doctor to ease her spinal pain
A woman with crippling back pain who has been waiting months for an operation was removed from the NHS waiting list because she had a private consultation.


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