Saturday, 12 June 2010

Victims of E. coli outbreak at Surrey farm prepare to claim 'substantial' damages

Of the 93 people who were infected by the potentially deadly 0157 strain of the bacterium, 28 will argue that Godstone Farm was negligent in the way it handled the outbreak.

Jill Greenfield, a personal injury lawyer, is representing 27 children and one adult who were affected.


Police force drops 'safest county' tag in bid to catch more criminals

Phil Gormley, Chief Constable of Norfolk Police, told his 1,700 officers to tackle the county’s most serious problems – even if some crime figures grow as a result.

Norfolk has the lowest crime rate in England, according to Home Office figures released in April, despite bucking the national trend by recording increases in violent crime and robbery.


US flood tragedy death toll rises

At least 16 people were killed when floodwater tore through a campsite in Arkansas, US officials have said.

The flood also washed away records of who was there, making the daunting search for dozens missing in heavily wooded forest even more difficult as anguished families waited for word of their loved ones.

Rescue crews planned to resume their search this morning in the Ouachita National Forest, where heavy rain caused the normally quiet Caddo and Little Missouri rivers to burst their banks. The search was expected to take several more days - and perhaps even weeks.


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