Thursday, 1 April 2010

A toothless West watches as Japan guts fish stocks

CAMPAIGNERS last night rallied in protest over a pet shop owner who was tagged for selling a goldfish to a boy of 14.

TWO Labour MPs were under pressure to apologise last night over accusations about links between the Conservative Party and Israel.


Left-Wing Icon: America Is Still Headed Towards Fascism Under Obama
When left-wing icon Naomi Wolf warned that America was heading towards fascism under George W. Bush, characterized by illegal surveillance, arbitrary detention of suspects, and paramilitary martial law, she was lauded, but when she continued to issue the same warning as a result of Obama’s failure to reverse any of those policies, many on the left abandoned support for her.

However, as Wolf’s recent interview with leftist website Alternet makes plain, liberals may finally be starting to understand that both political parties in Washington are part of the problem, not the solution.

National rail strike halted by court order

Sterling rises on British manufacturing surge
Sterling rose against the dollar today after a key survey showed that British manufacturing activity expanded at record pace in March, adding to hopes that Britain can sustain economic recovery during the first quarter.

Bond Traders Realize The Greece Bailout Is A Joke

Depressions Last HOW LONG?
My friendly deflationist Jas Jain called the other day to remind me we’re still in a Depression and more downside is likely to come. By his count the Great Depression really lasted almost 20-years – from 1929 to 1949. And he makes a valid point since arguably, the Korean War was a ‘transition war’ which allowed the West to more gradually transition from war machine to consumer goods machine. And since this cycle seems to have peaked out in 2000, neither one of us is very optimistic about how it all works out over coming years of the Second Depression…at least for people who are trying to retain purchasing power of their savings.

Gordon Brown ignored by nine in 10 Labour election candidates
The Prime Minister’s photograph does not appear in 93 per cent of leaflets for Labour’s General Election candidates.

Business leaders hit back at 'patronising' Labour claims on Tory NI plan
Business leaders who backed Conservative plans to scrap National Insurance rises have angrily hit back at "patronising" Labour accusations that they have been deceived

Trial by jury is basis of British justice
There is no better symbol of Labour's contempt for the traditions of law than the absence of a jury in the Heathrow heist case


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