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Duchess of York in "Friends in Low Places"

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as a counterpoint

but we mustn't infringe the EUHRC

Peter Nunn 16 June 2011 at 18:48  

With so many violent incidents being reported in the UK the need for protection is needed now more than ever. For a long time body armour and cut resistant clothing has been something that just a select few people could afford, but with advances in technology and the increase in need the prices of stab proof vests have become more affordable. A good Stab Vest should give you excellent blunt trauma and sharp instrument protection. We can only begin to imagine how many lives could be saved should more people equip body armour on a regular basis, especially front line workers.

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Edinburgh 9am holyrood house scottish parliament buildings march 6th with richard lyle msp supporting his client at the event

London Event 2 to 4pm

Cardiff Event National assembly Buildings 10am
with mark isherwood mp
Shadow Minister for Communities and Housing

One Voice For The Kids

Official Press Release

Tuesday March 6th 2012 Edinburh Scotland 9am Scottish Parliament Holyrood House.

For the attention of all UK press and media offices.

My name is Sam Edwards and, I am the Chief Executive to the campaign One voice for the kids and the Against child abuse network.

I am writing to you to inform you and your organisation of a high-profile event called the "Worldwide Peaceful Protest Against Child Abuse". This event is scheduled to take place on the 6th March 2012 and, as the title suggests, this protest is worldwide.

The purpose of this protest is to raise the much needed awareness in to the effects of all types of childhood abuse and how it irrevocably changes the lives of so many young and vulnerable children around the world. Its primary goal is to get people and organisations talking to one another in order to create a meaningful dialogue between them. We are opening this event to all support groups and organisations that help and provide vital support to people affected by abuse. . Imagine a protest so large, all protesting on the same day around the world at as many of the world's Government Offices as possible. To date, 38 worldwide countries are taking part on the 6th March.

What’s the alternative? Is there one? Ask the victims, see what they say. Listen to them, really listen to them. It is them and the people around them that have to deal with their wrecked lives while some pervert fulfils a fetish or a yearning for power.

How long is it going to be before cases like Baby Peter don't even make the news or is that already happening? Dead is still dead while perpetrators walk free. Is this the society we have become? With your help and support, this protest can and will help to change a child’s life and their future but, only if we stand shoulder to shoulder and unite. The first step is to get the groups working together, which is why the Peaceful Protest was created. Get involved. For more information, please visit our websites or you can email our press team manager Andrew Peacher via: or, alternatively, you can contact Andrew on: 01507 477 433 (during normal office hours 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri)

Child abuse is preventable, not inevitable. Show your support and join in.

Here are just a few of the countries taking part:

Queensland, New York, Florida, Tunisia, Germany, Russia, Ghana, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Glasgow, Belfast, Donegal, London, Manchester, Liverpool and many more.

Here are just a few of the organisations that are taking part in the protest:

Action Against Social Services, Families Fighting For Justice, Grandparents Apart UK, SAVI – East Kilbride, Parents Injustice Group Scotland, Hollie Demands Justice, Glasgow Women’s Rape And Sexual Abuse Centre, Global Fighters Protecting Children UK and many more.

For further information, please visit or find us on Facebook.

Sam Edwards (CEO)

One voice for the kids.

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