Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Boy, two, left in tears as nursery staff confiscate his 'unhealthy' cheese sandwich

A two-year-old boy has been pulled out of a nursery after staff claimed a cheese sandwich his mother made for him broke their 'healthy eating' rules.
Jack Ormisher burst into tears after he opened his packed lunch only for workers to take the sandwich away from him and offer him their own fruit and vegetables.
When the youngster's father went to pick him up from the Westfield Children's Centre, in Pemberton, near Wigan, staff told him if Jack wanted cheese sandwiches they should include lettuce or tomato so it could be classed as a 'snack' rather than 'lunch.'

The rebuke came after the nursery drew up a list of 'healthy eating options' for youngsters which include fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta and potatoes. Read more...


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