Thursday, 15 April 2010

Chomsky Warns Of Risk Of Fascism In America
Noam Chomsky, the leading leftwing intellectual, warned last week that fascism may be coming to the United States.

“I’m just old enough to have heard a number of Hitler’s speeches on the radio,” he said, “and I have a memory of the texture and the tone of the cheering mobs, and I have the dread sense of the dark clouds of fascism gathering” here at home.

“The level of anger and fear is like nothing I can compare in my lifetime,” he said.

Britain needs to spend £500bn on infrastructure, says IoD
Britain needs to spend at least £500bn on infrastructure over the next decade if it is to maintain its economic competitiveness, according to the Institute of Directors (IoD).

Britons' economic confidence tumbles as election looms
Confidence among Britons tumbled 11pc in March as the looming election heightened uncertainty.

The Transnational Homeland Security State and the Decline of Democracy
As the western world is thrown into debt bondage and the harsh reality of the draconian economic ‘reforms’ to follow, a social collapse seems increasingly inevitable. We will soon witness the collapse of western ‘civilization’. The middle classes of the west will dissolve into the lower labour class. The wealthy class, already nearly at par with the middle class in terms of total consumption, will become the only consuming class.

'Civil unrest' warning over 'un-Christian' rulings
A top judge was warned that court rulings against Christian workers risk causing “civil unrest” as he heard the case of a relationship counsellor who was sacked after refusing to give sex advice to homosexual couples

Ministry spends £11,000 on fortune cookies
Civil servants spent £11,000 of taxpayers' money on fortune cookies, it has been disclosed

Hating the government finally goes mainstream
Three years ago, the Republican establishment piled scorn on the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul.

Today, he is in a statistical tie with President Obama in 2012 polling

Going for broke in L.A.?
Unless pension costs can be brought under control, the city may face bankruptcy.

Climategate: CRU whiter than – er – whitewash, as world laughs at AGW scam apologists
Well, we all knew it would be a second whitewash of CRU and its climate alarmist pseudo-data; but even the most hard-headed sceptics among us probably thought that Lord Oxburgh’s inquiry would be a tad more sophisticated in its brushwork, that it would make some effort to persuade rather than patronise, that its bland conclusions would be a little less blatant and in-your-face.

Australia faces huge locust plague
Farmers across the Australian Outback have been warned of a potential explosion of locusts in the coming months, after a plague of millions of the grasshopper-like insects swept across four states earlier this month

Here's The Real Impact Of The Volcano Ash Crisis In Europe
We've already told you about the trail of volcanic ash halting flights across Europe, but the impact is going to be felt in more ways than flight cancellations.

The impact of this eruption is not going to just be felt today.

The volcanic ash could linger in the atmosphere for 6 months causing disruptions to travel in Europe throughout the time period.

This eruption isn't likely to end today. Previous eruptions of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano lasted for 12 months.

Across The Country, Americans Rage Against Taxes
Today is tax day and TeaPparty organizations are protesting the size of government across the country.

We've brought together some of the best protest photos from the day, including the funny and the more serious.

I Make Your Microsoft Gadgets In China, And My Life Is Miserable And Exhausting
The account comes from a report titled China's Youth Meet Microsoft. It was originally published by the National Labor Committee, which says its mission "is to help defend the human rights of workers in the global economy."

It describes the conditions of a worker in a factory owned by a company called KYE. Importantly, KYE makes gadgets for more companies than just Microsoft

Meet the new world disorder
There is a conspiracy to enslave all civilians on the planet in progress.

It goes by the names of: the new world order, the military-industrial complex and globalization

IMF chief warns: Global Banks Setting Up New Bigger Collapse
USAToday reports IMF’s managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, warning investors that global banks are still clueless. They “remain saddled with too many toxic securities and have not yet shown an understanding of the need to embrace far-reaching operational reforms … Bad loans must be disposed of before banks can play their customary role in financing economic growth.” So what’s new? Sounds like they’re trapped, as always, in the same old mindset of blind greed and hyper-optimism. The IMF boss, a French economist, did made specific comments that suggest our “too-political-to-fail” banks are setting the world up for another, more lethal meltdown … and possibly the dreaded “Great Depression 2″ that we recently dodged

Euro slides as investors turn against Greece
The euro fell for the first time in five days and Greek bonds tumbled on Thursday on fears that the EU-IMF bail-out agreed at the weekend may not prevent the region's debt crisis spreading.


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