Friday, 2 April 2010

Head Teacher re-instated. Commonsense prevails

Remember the tale of Marcus the sheep. It would seem that the majority opinion over his fate has prevailed.

A head teacher who resigned after a row about the slaughter of a school lamb is to return to her post, Kent County Council has said.

Andrea Charman stepped down as head of Lydd Primary School in Romney Marsh in February for "personal reasons".

She was criticised in September 2009 after sending Marcus the lamb - who had been hand-reared by pupils - to slaughter, despite calls to save him.

Kent County Council said she had the community's support and was returning.

'Overwhelming support'

Kent councillor Sarah Hohler said: "I am very pleased that Andrea Charman is returning to Lydd Primary School.

"The community has spoken and made their feelings known loud and clear. There is overwhelming support for her.

"Under her guidance the school made tremendous progress and I know she will relish the opportunity to continue that work and do her best for the children and staff.

"Welcome back Mrs Charman."

Well done for showing the Kids where their food really does come from.

Source: The Filthy Engineer. Your Southern correspondent


Mark Wadsworth 2 April 2010 at 23:12  


Key to all this is that the kids had a democratic vote on whether to have the sheep, who wasn't called Marcus anyway - he was called Market - sent to slaughter, and the vote went in favour.

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