Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Organ donors could be rewarded under plans to boost registration
People who sign up to be organ donors could be put on transplant priority lists or qualify their family for funeral cost cover under radical plans being considered to boost donor registration.

A FAMILY GP branded a “Jekyll and Hyde” character lost 800 patients in four years due to his temper tantrums, a tribunal heard yesterday.

New NHS uniforms could be scrapped after nurses complain of 'unbearable' rashes
They were meant to make nurses, ward sisters and midwives instantly distinguishable for patients.
But new colour-coded NHS uniforms could now be scrapped after staff complained they caused painful rashes, it emerged yesterday.

Calls to reduce abortion limit as number of 2lb survivors soars

The number of babies born weighing only 2lbs has more than doubled in just two years, re-igniting the emotive debate over the abortion time limit.


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