Thursday, 6 May 2010

Street View Collecting Users' MAC Addresses

Here's one for conspiracy theorists. Is Google a) A Fortune 100 technology company providing people with a variety of cloud-based and online services and applications or b) a thoroughly evil firm seeking to control everything we do and keep a watchful eye over us at every turn?

For those who think the latter, this news story will help to fuel the fire. It would appear that Street View, a service that's already got people's backs up thanks to some of the images of people's homes that it's published, is in hot water again over the information it's taking from us.

According to reports emanating from Germany, the country's Federal Data Protection Commissioner is 'horrified' to have discovered that the service is recording users' MAC addresses and locations of WiFi networks while photographs of roads are being taken. This has led the UK's Information Commissioner's Office to step in, as officials have now stated that they want to seek assurances and details about what Google is doing. more...


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