Tuesday, 6 April 2010

TAXPAYERS are facing a £1trillion “black hole” in funding to cover the generous pensions of Britain’s army of public sector workers, business chiefs warn today.

Sterling falls amid fears over hung Parliament
Sterling fell against the dollar and the euro today as mixed opinion polls heightened fears over a hung Parliament after Gordon Brown called a general election for May 6.

Analysts warned that the pound could come under further pressure over the next month unless polls started to show a clear winner.

Labour’s Climate Change Act: A Conspiracy to Defraud
The revelation that the Government’s Climate Change Act will cost the taxpayer up to £18.3 billion per year between now and 2050, together with its sanitising “enquiry” into the Climate Studies Unit (CSU) scandal, proves that it is working hand-in-glove with the United Nations (UN) towards their “global governance” objectives.

Westminster bargaining to pass DNA Bill begins
Proposals to store the DNA profiles of innocent people for six years will be the focus of bargaining at Westminster as ministers try to pass key legislation before Parliament is dissolved.

Obama excludes Iran in ban on US nuke strikes
US President Barack Obama plans to release a review of the US nuclear arms strategy that purportedly restricts the use of its nuclear arms against most non-atomic states except Iran and North Korea.


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