Tuesday, 6 April 2010

UK house prices face prolonged bear market
The housing market may now be trapped in a long-term bear market and may not bounce back to the peaks it reached in 2007 for generations, a leading economic consultancy has warned.

CBI issues 100-day challenge on public sector pensions
The CBI has issued a warning to the next government: reform public sector pensions or watch a £1,000 billion taxpayer liability spiral out of control.

Millions prepare to count the cost of new tax regime
People returning to work after Easter face a series of tax bombshells set to detonate today as the Chancellor seeks to pay down public debt.

Virtually all of the new charges, such as the 50p rate of income tax and the freezing of tax thresholds, have been planned for some time — but this will not do much to ease the pain as taxpayers see nearly £20 billion disappear from their pockets over the next couple of years.

Here Comes The Pound Roller Coaster Now That U.K. Election Day Has Been Named
The U.K. just entered its election season and the pound could be rocked by further poll anxiety as the May date comes closer.

13 years on, new Labour has come full circle
It’s just like the 1997 election. The only tactic the governing party has left is to sow the seeds of fear

THE price of petrol reached its highest ever level over the Easter weekend, with rocketing oil costs set to bring even more misery to motorists.

More than 50 suspected war criminals living in Britain, says Aegis Trust
More than 50 suspected war criminals are living freely in Britain after Scotland Yard was unable to prosecute them.

Member of Hollie’s Army targets Malcolm Chisholm SMP
Thanks to the very fine efforts of Mark Welsh (an active member), Hollie’s supporters have now been able (via Mark) to not only air their concerns and views but also had the opportunity to hand over a brief to Malcolm Chisholm SMP the member for Edinburgh North and Leith.

Impending GMO Contamination of the Food Chain
Farmers and Consumers Demand Prohibition of Genetically Engineered Alfalfa

“The US economy will not recover for at least another decade” – Engdahl
American bankers see themselves as the gods of money, a class above mere mortals, and they can do what they wish, said renowned economic researcher and historian William Engdahl in an interview with RT.

National debt seen heading for crisis level
Health care may have been the last big bang of the Obama presidency.

With ferocious speed, the financial crisis, recession and efforts to combat the recession have swung the U.S. debt from worrisome to ruinous, promising to handcuff the administration.


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