Thursday, 8 April 2010

Cut benefits 'to get Neets back to work': MPs demand 'radical' crackdown on young jobless
Young people not in employment, education or training should be stripped of benefits to force them into the workplace, a report from MPs demands.
A 'radical' crackdown is needed to reduce the numbers of so- called Neets, similar to a clampdown in Holland that has seen benefits taken away from those aged under 27 who 'get money and sit at home'.
The MPs say this could be achieved by allowing Neets to claim Jobseeker's Allowance only if they take part in training or education

The number of cars on Britain's roads has fallen

THE number of cars on Britain’s roads last year fell for the first time since the Second World War

Ron Paul Discusses America’s Moral Decline & Economic Collapse (Video)

H1N1 Spread Linked to Seasonal Flu Shots
The four new studies conducted by Canadian researchers conclude that the traditional seasonal flu vaccine seems to have boosted the risk of infection with pandemic H1N1 swine flu by almost double.

Iran Warns It Will Hit U.S. Troops If Attacked
Iran’s president said on Thursday he would not plead with opponents of Tehran’s nuclear program in order to avoid sanctions as Russia and the United States said new measures might be necessary.

Wikileaks to release new video showing murder of scores of Afghan civilians
Wikileaks, the scourge of governments from China to the US, will soon release a video related to this killing of more than a hundred innocent Afghan civilians in May 2009. This comes on the backdrop of the release of helicopter footage of the slaying of Iraqis in 2007. Take note of what the US were saying when the news broke last year of the casualties:

Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"
On Monday, April 5, posted video footage from Iraq, taken from a US military Apache helicopter in July 2007 as soldiers aboard it killed 12 people and wounded two children. The dead included two employees of the Reuters news agency: photographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and driver Saeed Chmagh.

The US military confirmed the authenticity of the video.

The footage clearly shows an unprovoked slaughter, and is shocking to watch whilst listening to the casual conversation of the soldiers in the background.

As disturbing as the video is, this type of behavior by US soldiers in Iraq is not uncommon.

Gordon Brown pledges 'five more years' as Prime Minister if Labour wins

Greece sinks deeper as loan costs hit record highs
ATHENS (AFP) – Greece sank deeper into the financial mire as its borrowing costs soared to new heights on Thursday despite the government and European Central Bank insisting it did not need immediate help.

Michael Caine launches Tory 'national service for teenagers'
The Oscar-winning actor Sir Michael Caine made a scene-stealing appearance in the election campaign today to endorse the Tories' proposed National Citizen Service, which David Cameron predicted would "blow the bloody doors off".

The Conservatives are planning to offer all 16-year-olds the chance to join two-month summer residential courses with outdoor activities and community work to help them find their feet in society and realise their individual potential
(Der nueue Hitler jongen?)

Greek bond spreads hit new high on EU rescue fears
Mounting concern that Greece might default on its sovereign debts sent European stocks and shares into a steep slide today

Here It Comes: Europe Is Facing A Three-Decade Debt Nightmare
Europe has a long three decades ahead of it.

Costs of the financial crisis and an expensive social welfare system will cause public sector debt to skyrocket, according to a report by the Bank for International Settlements. The most shocking estimates are for Britain, where interest payments on debt may hit 27% of GDP.

British petrol prices hit an all-time high

Global Warming “Shrinking Sheep” Theory Debunked
The “man-made” global warming fraud took another knock with the news that a species of sheep said to be both getting smaller and changing colour, is not a consequence of climate change as previously suggested.

'No US troop survives if Iran is attacked'
Major General Hassan Firouzabadi says if the United States attacks Iran, none of the American troops in the region will go back home alive.
Iran's Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Hassan Firouzabadi has warned the US against making any military moves on the Islamic Republic.

Israel launches ground incursion into Gaza Strip
Israel has launched a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip with its troops entering the south of the long-blockaded coastal sliver.


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